Video: Celebrating two years of Jordan Estate Rewards

by on August 3, 2010

YouTube Preview Image

Two years ago, we launched Jordan Estate Rewards to share exclusive wine country experiences with our guests. To celebrate the program’s anniversary, we’ve created two new reward redemptions for members and a video announcement.

Our Wood-Fired Oven Culinary Experience for Six features a private lunch, tasting and hands-on demonstration in the art of wood-fired cooking utilizing our latest culinary show piece. A Retrospective Tasting of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon for Four led by our winemaker will be offered on February 18, 2011. This rare vertical tasting features storied vintages cellared under pristine conditions and includes a luncheon in our dining room.

In the below video, I describe my original vision for Jordan Estate Rewards and the program’s exciting evolution. Scenes from our first Battle of the Bass experience are also included.

To learn more about Jordan Estate Rewards membership, click here.

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