Bottled art photo contest winners announced

by on December 5, 2011

Winners have been selected in our first bottled art photography contest. You can view the entire collection of photo submissions here:

And the winning photos selected by our panel of judges are …

Jordan Catapano for “Wine Literacy”

Kristen Gibbins for “Celebrating Family with Jordan”

Eric Hwang for “Just Desserts”

Jordan receives a framed, limited-edition lithograph of Jordan chateau label; Kristen and Eric both receive a Jordan label artwork photograph on stretched canvas by renowned photographer Matt Armendariz.

Congratulations to Jordan, Kristin and Eric. There was stiff competition, especially from other judge favorites who missed second runner-up by just a few votes. So, we’d like to give three honorable mention awards:

Denise Woodward for “Time to Unwind with Jordan”

Kathy Patalsky for “My Favorite After Work Delight”

Dan Dowell for “The end to a perfect day”

Thank you to all who entered photographs, including those professional photographers with gorgeous entries, which were ineligible in this amateur photo contest.

And a special thank you to our panel of judges, including photographers Matt Armendariz and Damon Mattson.

Happy holidays!

  • Williee

    One of my Favorite Reds. Love this wine and I bought one case of their first vintage in 78 

    as I recall wish I had bought more!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Williee,
    Thanks for sharing your comments. We just opened a 6 liter of 1978 Cabernet at our Christmas party and it was showing beautifully. Great choice of vintage on your part. Our first vintage was 1976 though.

  • Guest

    One of your honorable mentions stole that picture from Google.  Even more disappointing since I wrote you in advance of the winners being chosen to give you a head’s up. 

    Also was disappointed that you asked for no professional photographers but obviously (at a minimum) your second runner up is one.  He even included his watermark on the photo. (which WAS an excellent picture)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. There are actually two Eric Hwangs: the one that lives in Seattle and isn’t a pro photographer is the one who entered the contest. I think you’re referring to of New York.
    Can you elaborate on the stolen picture? I vetted all three of those honorable mentions. Two of them are from food bloggers who also post around the web, and one is from a person who visited Jordan once (Dan) and that photo was taken on the property, so it can’t be stolen, can it?
    Great idea on doing a contest for professionals next year. What do you think a reasonable price would be?
    Thanks again for sharing your comments.