A fun, festive Easter dinner table centerpiece idea

by on March 30, 2012

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Looking for a fun, festive way to decorate your Easter dinner table? Todd and I were discussing holiday table centerpiece ideas over dinner one night and came up with this colorful arrangement that brings the spirit of hunting for Easter eggs to your table.

The ground cover (grass or flowering thyme) can be purchased at Home Depot, Ace Hardware or your local nursery for a few dollars. You’ll probably need six squares of grass, depending on the size of your flower pot. Bonsai planter pots work great, as demonstrated in this video. Search “Bonsai pots” on Amazon, and you’ll find several different colors, shapes and sizes for under $15, but I prefer a single rectangular pot with an elegant pattern. Two smaller rounds or squares–like the blue ones from Bonsaipots.com for around $12–would also work great for a longer table. Decorate with glitter eggs, available at Michael’s or any craft store, or go with a more natural look using quail eggs, which you can purchase at your local gourmet market. To bring dessert into your centerpiece, try chocolate Easter eggs wrapped in colorful foils.

Make sure to use a bottom tray so that the flower pot doesn’t leak water on your table.

Enjoy the holiday!