Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” parody ~ Jordan Winery music video “Blurred Vines”

by on July 9, 2013

Jordan Winery’s parody music video of “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. In the world of wine, there are two types of men: wine geeks and wine dudes. Geeks obsess over wine lists, wine scores and winemaking techniques. Dudes love their wine but don’t take it too seriously. Who gets the girl? Watch “Blurred Vines” to find out. #blurredvines #jordan

  • Wine Lover

    I have to say what a winner this ‘Blurred Vines’ video is for Jordan Winery and Mr. Jordan himself. My family have been long-time supporters and drinkers of Jordan and this video has really transformed me. In fact, I will most likely never drink Jordan again. How insenstive and sexist could a brand become? Well you are looking at it. I always thought Jordan was a cut above the rest of the competition out there, but now I realize that Mr. Jordan is no more than a ‘John’ for those looking for a cheap thrill associated with your brand. I will be sure to let all my friends, family members and colleagues who drink Jordan wine to donate their Jordan collections to the real customers who drink your wine as depicted in this music video. In fact, I will be taking my last remaining case down to the Tenderloin to donate to the ‘Young Ladies’ who obviously have no wine sense and only need Jordan to be paid off. I look forward to drinking more Stags Leap and Silver Oak.

    Cheers John Jordan. You have really elevated this year’s vintage.

    Respectfully Yours,

    A Former Jordan Drinker

  • Wine Blogger

    Why delete this person’s comment from your blog rather than respond? It’s a valid statement and it’s worth considering.

  • John94521

    Your NOT a “wine lover”, your a “wine loser” who can’t see past the stem of the glass. Don’t you realize that drinking wine is the great FUN in life. To taste the wonderful grapes of LIFE, ENJOYMENT, and PARTY, with others who enjoy the finer things in life. Sip and be still “Former Jordan Drinker” while the rest of us get together and laugh and be together in our youth of hearts. Let me commend John Jordan for a brilliant job of going the extra mile to take a chance on the gathering of people of today and NOT of yesteryear. I support John Jordan and this “Blurred Vines” video, it’s a riot and for me SIR, your the guy in the glasses that JUST DON’T GET IT. . .The wave has passed you by, but I do hope that you try to catch the NEXT one. . .

  • lisamattson

    Dear Wine Blogger/Wine Lover,
    Thanks for your comments. We encourage you to read John95421′s comments below. John Jordan took over his family’s winery at age 33, and he’s always thought that the wine business can be too stuffy. It’s about the pleasures of the table–the enjoyment of a great bottle of wine over a nice meal with friends, music and great conversation. While we are serious about our elegant, food-friendly style of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, as well as our hospitality, we try to have fun. Once a year, we create a music video to show people another side of the Jordan family. We love what we do as vintners, and we have a blast. I’m sorry if you’re not able to appreciate us poking a little bit of fun at the snobbery of wine.
    Lisa Mattson

  • lisamattson

    Thanks for the comment, John! We appreciate it and are glad you enjoyed the video.

  • jeffisrad

    The video is very cute, and fun. Wine Lover is being a doody head.

  • LJ

    Wine and winery that speaks for itself through its quality in wine making, hospitality and professionalism. What a nice refreshing and FUN video to add to Jordan’s sterling reputation. Wine is about sharing, having fun, dancing and not taking life too seriously and this video captures all that! Cheers!!!!

  • WineJustice

    Anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good parody video (parody being the operative word), shouldn’t be allowed to drink wine! It is folks like the “Wine Lover” commenter above who are exactly the kind of person who give the wine industry a stuffy name. I assume that you still need to watch the original Robin Thicke video to see that this parody was SPOT ON.

    Wine Lover, you should switch to beer.

  • Krista Summitt

    Y’all were gettin down! Very funny and refreshing idea. I’d love to know the story behind the DJ with the chicken!

  • lisamattson

    Hi Krista,
    Brent Young is our ranch manager. In addition to managing the vineyards, he also oversees all of our livestock. That includes chickens, cows and donkeys to date. He usually makes an appearance in our parody videos with one of the farm animals. Thanks for watching.

  • Miko No Ka Oi

    While some may scratch their head about this video probably because of generational differences or upbringing, I candidly love it. Please continue making the top quality wine that we’ve come to expect from Jordan Winery, and please keep having fun in front of the camera!

  • lisamattson

    Thanks, Miko. We are serious about our winemaking, but we feel strongly that the wine business can be a little stuffy, and at the end of the day, what the wine business is all about is bringing smiles to our customers faces when they open a bottle of our wine. And if they also smile when they watch one of our videos, bonus.

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  • Bar Cart Style

    Hysterical! Really great — thank you!

  • Maciek Gontarz

    just a short question: can you post downloadable mp3? :)

  • lisamattson

    Hi Maciek,

    You are welcome to download our video from youtube. Several websites have instructions:


  • Maciek Gontarz

    Thanks Lisa.

    If anyone want it, take it: <3