Instagrape: the life of a grapevine through Instagram photos

by on August 29, 2013

YouTube Preview Image

Digital Media Coordinator Erin Malone had the awesome idea to capture the life cycle of a grape–from vine to table–through a series of Instagram photos. I dubbed her idea, “Instagrape,” and it’s our main entry into this year’s Wine Spectator video contest.

Through 175 Instagram photos, every aspect of a Cabernet Sauvignon grape’s life–pruning, budbreak, flowering, veraison, harvest, fermentation, barrel aging, bottling, transporting and serving at a restaurant–is captured using Instagram. We hope you enjoy “Instagrape.”

A Thrilling Night Harvest received an honorable mention from Wine Spectator last year, and we also earned second runner-up for The Talking Grape a few years ago. Wish us luck!

  • Haimanti

    Awesome idea of showing the of a grape from vine to table through a series of instagram photos:) Loved every bit of it. A thing I would like to point out is the photos move a tad fast. Can you do something to decrease the speed so that we can enjoy the photos for a longer time?
    I am surely going to tweet the link to my followers :) Do check our wine related site as well and give us your feedback.