How to make chocolate truffles: video demonstration and recipe

by on February 6, 2013 in Featured, From the Kitchen

Jordan Winery chocolate truffles soft ganache recipe

It’s that time of year when people across the world celebrate love and indulge in chocolate. Each week in the Jordan kitchen, I make homemade chocolate truffles and thought I’d share my favorite chocolate recipes in this demonstration video. With a few essential tools, tips and ingredients, you’ll find that making chocolate truffles isn’t so hard after all. Jordan [...]

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How to make pie crust video: flaky, delicious apple pie recipe

by on November 13, 2012 in Featured, From the Kitchen

apple pie with flaky crust recipe

In this month’s Jordan kitchen demonstration video, I offer tips and techniques for making a delicious, flaky pie crust. We hope this apple pie recipe makes its way into your kitchen this season. Cheers! Recipe: Wine Country Apple Pie with Flaky Crust Summary: This simple, flavorful recipe will make it easy for you to create a [...]

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How to make French Macarons: cookie recipe ideas and tips

by on December 13, 2011 in From the Kitchen

French Macaroons Cookies_Jordan Winery

Looking for new cookie recipes for your cookie exchange, gifts or dinner party? Our resident videographer asked me to share one of my favorite cookie recipes, and I picked French Macarons. In this video, you’ll find tips and techniques for baking these delicate cookies, which aren’t as difficult to make as one might think. The key is [...]

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