Our long road to solar power: the American way

by on July 11, 2012 in Featured, From the Land


Prior to installing the new solar arrays we unveiled here last week, Jordan chose to focus our efforts on a six-year program to reduce our energy consumption to the lowest possible level before going solar. I felt strongly about reducing our energy use before converting to solar power. In the rush to get off the [...]

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Hillside solar array installation: time lapse video, photos

by on July 5, 2012 in Featured, From the Land

jordan winery solar_IMG_5723_web_crop

After six years of reducing our carbon footprint, we’re thrilled to announce that Jordan Vineyard & Winery is now powered by the sun. Stellar Energy just completed installation on a 454-Kilowatt solar-photovoltaic array on a steep hillside behind the winery. It consists of 1,932 modules composed of 100% American made equipment—quite uncommon in this country [...]

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Video: reducing our energy consumption first

by on January 22, 2012 in From the Land

tim spence

Last fall, California Certified Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance and respected green business consultant John Garn approached us about collaborating on a video that would highlight our extensive energy efficiency efforts. In this video, I discuss the massive project to revamp our refrigeration and winery piping systems. Since 2006, we’ve been retrofitting the winery with the latest technology while preserving [...]

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