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blind tasting

Best American Beer in a Can? Winemakers Blind Tasting Challenge for Super Bowl Sunday
Eat & Drink / What's New / February 1, 2017

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, two members of the Jordan winemaking staff–both with brewery backgrounds–blind taste six of America’s most popular canned beers and pick their favorites. The results were surprising. Be sure to subscribe […]

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Blind Smelling: a humbling wine aroma seminar
Behind the Scenes / January 31, 2013

Blind tasting? Not exactly. The 24 black glasses displayed in the above photo where part of an educational seminar, hosted last week in Jordan’s oak tank room for our distributor management teams. Each glass is […]

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How oak barrels are selected for aging Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon
Behind the Scenes / March 17, 2011

Every fall, we begin the meticulous process of selecting oak barrels for our youngest vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon. Unlike many wineries, we don’t follow a recipe for which types of barrels we purchase each year. […]

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Cooperage trial tastings: which wine barrel producers make the cut
Behind the Scenes / April 15, 2010

Twice a year our winemaking team spends several weeks conducting a series of blind tastings to assess the merits of each cooperage from which we source barrels. Although we only work with the finest coopers, […]

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