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Photo Gallery of the Month: Summer Vineyards Fruit Set
Behind the Scenes / Photo Essays / What's New / June 21, 2016

This month, the grapevine berries have formed and are beginning to grow. This critical time in the development of the vine is called fruit set. As discussed in our recent spring flowering blog post, May weather was […]

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Flowering, fruit set and what grapevines have in common with Jabba the Hutt
Behind the Scenes / June 7, 2013

Like the yellow snails loitering on the guyot-trained grapevines of Meursault and the vile, “gangster” gastropod Jabba the Hutt of Star Wars, the flowers of Vitis vinifera grapevines are hermaphroditic.That is right! Simply put, they […]

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2013 Spring Grape Growing Season | Weather & Frost
Behind the Scenes / May 12, 2013

Can you hear that? Those are the exhales of the winegrowers, echoing off the west walls of the Mayacamas Mountains throughout the Alexander Valley. As the nighttime temperatures continue to inch away from any danger […]

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Grapevine flowering video: how spring weather has influenced bloom and fruit set
Behind the Scenes / July 1, 2010

Wet, warm spring weather throughout April and May delayed flowering, or bloom, in our vineyards by two weeks. (While rainfall during spring was unseasonably high, overall rainfall levels for the year were ample and welcomed […]

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