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Flow Hive Beekeeping Video: Jordan Winery Honey Experiment Begins
Behind the Scenes / Featured / What's New / September 1, 2016

We make wine. We make olive oil. We grow our own fruits and vegetables, and raise cows and chickens. Honey is coming next. Today, in honor of National Honey Month, Jordan Vineyard & Winery unveils its […]

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Becoming a Flow Hive Beekeeper | Interesting Facts About Bees and Honey Tasting Notes
Eat & Drink / Out & About / What's New / February 29, 2016

Due to the diverse natural setting of Jordan Estate and the surrounding Alexander Valley, we are ideally suited to host beehives. Bees forage over a five-mile radius from their hives, and our 1,200 acres of […]

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