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How to Use a Durand Wine Opener: Tips for Opening Old Wines

With a cellar of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon dating back to 1976, we have the pleasure of opening up old wines from time to time. Using the ah so–a two-prong cork puller–was our preferred device for uncorking old cabernets for decades until the invention of the Durand wine opener in 2007. In this video, our winemakers demonstrate how to use a Durand to open a 1976 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon–our inaugural vintage. The Durand is basically an ah so cork puller and a traditional waiter’s corkscrew combined.

Created by a wine collector from Atlanta, the Durand wine opener is an invaluable tool for uncorking wines more than 20 years old. Natural wine corks begin to lose their firmness after 20 years, so when you open an old bottle of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon with a regular corkscrew, the cork may break in half or crumble during extraction. This doesn’t harm the wine, but it’s messy. You may want to decant the wine in order to separate it from the cork pieces that fell into the bottle. The Durand wine opener is very easy to use and the best tool for avoiding the perils of extracting an old cork from a wine bottle.

How to Use a Durand Wine Opener

  1. Separate the two pieces of the Durand. Set the two-prong ah so piece aside.
  2. Take the corkscrew piece of the Durand and insert into the wine cork in the same fashion as a typical corkscrew.
  3. Twist the corkscrew straight down and continue until the entire corkscrew is inside the cork, and the metal handle reaches the lip of the bottle.
  4. Insert the ah so perpendicular to the corkscrew’s metal handle, and then shimmy the two prongs in between the cork and the bottle neck. The handle on the corkscrew and the ah so will form an X.
  5. Twist both pieces together clockwise or counter-clockwise while pulling slowly up.
  6. Pour your old wine and enjoy.

You can see the Durand and the ah so cork puller in action in our Jordan Uncorked video series.

Release Day Virtual Wine Tasting for Jordan New Vintages

Jordan Release Day winery events were among the thousands of spring parties canceled across the globe, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to let such a historic occasion pass without some sort of celebration. The release of our 40th anniversary vintage of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon only comes around once in a lifetime, so we are embracing the times–and taking the wine tasting online with a virtual chat with our winemaker on Release Day: Friday, May 1. We are releasing three wines two weeks early with a special shipping offer, giving everyone the opportunity to have these new vintages in their glasses for the tasting. All virtual wine tasting details are below. And if you’d like to chat with us before then, we’re hosting a virtual tour with five hosts at different locations across the estate on Thursday, April 23.

Release Day Virtual Wine Tasting

Friday, May 1, 2020

3 p.m. PST / 6 p.m. EST

Featured Wines:

2016 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

2014 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum

2018 Jordan Chardonnay

Order by Monday, April 27, to receive your wines before May 1. Visit our wine shop here.


Jordan Winery staff on virtual zoom video call

Like you, we’re all anxious to put this pandemic behind us, and some days, we don’t feel like clinking glasses at the dinner table. But wine is one of life’s greatest conversation starters–it’s a symbol of good times with the ones we love. And we want to celebrate this special moment with all of you in quarantine-life style.

Sonoma Family Meal Launches New Disaster Relief Fund

The demand for prepared meals is at an all-time high due to the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s why Sonoma Family Meal, a disaster-focused non-profit created two years ago to feed wildfire victims in Sonoma County, launched a Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund last week—a new initiative to pay local restaurants to provide healthy, chef-made meals to those in desperate need of food right now. John Jordan and the John Jordan Foundation made a $150,000 investment in the fund to help get the program off the ground. You can support this cause with the Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund Match Drive. The goal is to raise $300,000.

There are many chef-backed Coronavirus charities that are worthy causes—some chefs are feeding laid-off restaurant workers and others are setting up donation funds for their own employees–but John Jordan was particularly moved by this project after receiving an email from Heather Irwin, the founder of Sonoma Family Meal. The idea of a charity paying restaurants to cook is very new and smart–three of these coronavirus charities providing financial income have emerged in the last week in Northern California. John wanted to do something significant to support a program that helps the restaurant community, farmers, the economy and families in need—at the same time. His $150,000 investment is not contingent on reaching the match drive goal and is in addition to all of the existing John Jordan Foundation charitable programs in place.

Here’s what Sonoma Family Meal will be able to do if they reach their goal of $300,000 to fully fund this program:

  • Pay at least 20 restaurants and caterers to stay open as disaster relief kitchens
  • Put at least 100 Sonoma County restaurant workers back on payroll
  • Provide 100,000 meals for thousands of seniors and families facing food scarcity
  • Sustain this operation for four months

The $150,000 investment from John and his foundation will allow SFM to keep the doors open at least 12 struggling restaurants and caterers throughout the county currently providing meals, purchase 42,000 to-go containers (compostable or reusable) and provide 65,000 meals.

According to Heather, the idea for the Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund was born from the work with chef Kyle Connaughton of SingleThread Farms in Healdsburg, the Michelin-starred restaurant that piloted the Sonoma Family Meal program in mid-March and has been cooking 200 meals a day since then, each meant to feed four people. SingleThread began raising money from investors, wineries, and restaurant guests to fund their production of donation meals for Sonoma Family Meal. SingleThread and two other Healdsburg restaurants—Mateo’s Cocina Latina and PizZando—are continuing to cook meals for Sonoma Family Meal and are raising money through their own network of donors to fund their operations. Guests who order takeout from SingleThread through Tock also have the option to donate meals to their Sonoma Family Meal program.

Sonoma County has been through a lot as a community the past several years (from fires to floods), and now the entire world is struggling with this invisible enemy. We invite you to donate whatever you can to this cause and share with your friends who have enjoyed meals at  Sonoma County restaurants. We’re in this together.

Learn more about donating to the fund.

Wine Vintage Chart: A When to Drink Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Aging Guide

It’s been a rough year but now more than ever, we are grateful for great wine, delicious food and staying connected with our family, friends and colleagues online. As we approach the end of this crazy year, we can all attest that we’ll need to dig even deeper into our wine cellars to bid 2020 a swift adieu. Thank you all for choosing us as the no.1 Cabernet Sauvignon and no.1 Wine Brand in American Restaurants this year. We look forward to sharing a glass with you in person but until then, we hope you enjoy our curated wine vintage chart for cabernet sauvignon to help guide you through your cellars.

How long should cabernet sauvignon be aged before you reach for that corkscrew? It’s the question we’re asked most by winery guests and friends on social media, which inspired us to create a new kind of wine vintage chart for cabernet sauvignon. This wine aging chart gives wine lovers an idea of how each vintage of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon may taste and when to enjoy it. In addition to the standard wine bottle size of 750ml, magnum bottles, three liters and six liters are also included. Each year, we will update our Wine Vintage Chart so you’ll have an up-to-date Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon aging guide.

Our wine vintage chart educates on older Jordan Cabernet Sauvignons

Wine Vintage Chart: Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Aging Guide

Cabernet Sauvignon aging potential is quite long due to this Bordeaux wine grape’s natural tannins, ample acidity and affection for oak. But, as with all red wine longevity, the key to aging gracefully in bottle for decades is balance in winemaking. Crafting cabernet sauvignon with fruit flavors, fine tannins, and natural acidity all in balance allows for the gradual, graceful aging and evolution of great cabernet in bottle.

With proper wine storage, Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon has been known to maintain its grace and elegance in 750ml bottle for about 30 years. Though our winemakers prefer to drink Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 7-10 years after the vintage date, we continue to receive emails from customers who are still enjoying bottles from the late-1970s and 1980s. (I opened a bottle of 1980 Jordan for my birthday last weekend, and it was magnificent.) As a general rule, magnum and other large-format bottles of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon taste best 12-20 years after release.

As you’ll see in this wine vintage chart, Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon flavors change from vintage to vintage, but you’ll see some flavor trends in each decade as the wine ages in bottle. Taste characteristics range from the bold, ripe fruit flavors of black cherry and blackberry in younger vintages of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon to the subtle aromas of dried cranberry, black tea and leather found in bottles opened more than 10 years after their vintage date. If you like to taste a lot of fruit in your cabernet sauvignon, it’s best to enjoy it within about a decade of its vintage.

Virtually all wine vintage charts are produced by wine journalists who give each vintage for the entire wine region a score, based on the growing season weather and how the wines tasted while young. We decided that our wine vintage chart should be more of a hybrid wine aging chart/wine peak chart/wine flavor chart. Due to the breadth of the aging guide–it goes back to the inaugural 1976 Jordan–we have broken it into decades below. There are also links to download the full vintage chart. We hope you find it helpful when you’re storing bottles of great cabernet and trying to decide when to drink them.

History has shown us that when winemakers harvest cabernet grapes at traditional sugar levels (below 25 Brix) to keep alcohol levels lower (below 14%), retain the wine’s acidity, and age the wine in the types of barrels that do not overpower the fruit flavors, the cabernets tend to be more elegant and less of the powerhouse cabernet style that has come into fashion since the 1990s. In our experience, wines that are high in alcohol and tannin lack the acidity and fruit to age gracefully and taste harmonious when mature. Even for a bottle of red wine, one of the keys to a long life is balance and moderation.

Download Jordan Wine Vintage Chart

Download Jordan Cabernet Flavor Chart

Download Complete Jordan Cabernet Aging Guide (Both Charts PDF)Jordan Cabernet vintage wine chart 1976-1979

1976-1979 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Vintages

The first few growing seasons for Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon were a rollercoaster. Drought conditions prevailed in 1976, and 1977 enjoyed a small crop that yielded balanced wines. 1978 was considered the best of the four vintages, producing ripe, rich red wines. However, the 1979 was more balanced and elegant across the region–ideal for the Jordan house style. All Jordan Cabernet Sauvignons from the 1970s are considered past their peak, though we do come across the occasional 750mL bottle that is still alive. Jordan didn’t start producing big bottles in 1977, and the large-format bottles of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon are still quite alive, especially 1978 and 1979. Click view all vintages to see tasting notes from this vintage chart.

Jordan Cabernet vintage wine chart 1980-1989

1980-1989 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Vintages

This is the decade Jordan Winemaker Rob Davis rarely wants to revisit, as it reminds him of all the challenging weather conditions he had to overcome to make great cabernet. Journalists declared 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988 as the best vintages of the decade upon release–each producing ripe, flavorful red wines. 1981, 1982 and 1983 were considered tough years that produced leaner wines with 1981 being the most charming of the three. Even though 1980 had a large crop, the vintage has continued to surprise us; even the 750mL bottles are still alive in 2018. Both 1988 and 1989 yielded more simple wines even though 1988 was a small crop and 1989 a bumper. As with the 1970s, Jordan Cabernet Sauvignons from the 1980s are considered past their peak, though the 1985-1989 and the 1980 Jordan still have some life in 750mL. Large-format bottles are allowing the 1980s cabernets to retain a longer life. Click view all vintages to see tasting notes.

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon wine vintage chart 1990-1999

1990-1999 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Vintages

Ah, the memories. There were so many great cabernets in the 1990s, it’s hard to pick the best. Look at all those red fruit notes in the wine vintage chart! Upon release, red wines from 1990, 1991, 1994, 1997 and 1999 were all rich and complex; 1992, 1993 and 1995 produced cabernets that were most elegant and supple, but equally delicious. The 1996 is considered a sleeper vintage that came around with age; winemakers were struggling to replant vineyards due to the phylloxera epidemic, but compelling wines were still produced. 1998 was the most challenging vintage of the decade in terms of weather, yielding leaner, more elegant wines. But, 1998 blossomed and gained complexity with time. Magnums of 1998 Jordan opened at our winery Christmas party three years ago were the star of the show. Still alive with lots of cherry fruit and layers of silk. These vintages are still drinking nicely, so view the wine vintage chart for flavorful profiles that suit your taste. Click view all vintages to see tasting notes.

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon aging chart 2000-2009

2000-2009 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Vintages

Another strong decade for great cabernet in California. 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2009 are considered the best vintages, producing stunning, complex red wines. But, 2006 should not be overlooked, as it created cabernets that are concentrated and age worthy. The 2000 and 2008 vintages had the most challenging weather, but 2008 is a sleeper vintage–like the 1998–and has never tasted better. It has gained complexity with age. These cabernet vintages from the 2000s are in an optimal drinking window, with big bottles still showing the most dark fruit flavors, so view the wine vintage chart for flavorful profiles that suit your taste. Click view all vintages to see tasting notes. from this vintage chart.

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Aging and Flavor Profile Guide 2010-2016

2010-2016 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Vintages

A string of great cabernet vintages with only one hiccup. The 2010 vintage was a cooler year producing more elegant cabernets, while the 2011 was so cold and rainy, that many winemakers struggled to make balanced wines. 2012, 2013 and 2014 are the best string of vintages in Jordan winemaking history; most Sonoma/Napa winemakers would agree. All three of highly textured, flavorful vintages with the tannin and acidity to age gracefully. The 2015 is a milestone vintage in its own right—being the first vintage of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon aged entirely in French oak barrels. When looking for a vintage that flaunts Jordan’s hallmark silky-smooth style at an early age, look no further than the 2016.

Click view all vintages to see tasting notes.



Where to Find Great Food & Wine To Go During the Pandemic

Normal life has come to a screeching halt for so many people around the globe this month. We’re all adapting to new ways to eat, drink, work and retain the fundamental joy of human contact–all while staying healthy. Fortunately, state officials are stepping up and allowing restaurants to sell wine to-go or pickup or delivery. Jordan has always been considered a “food” wine primarily sold at restaurants, so we’ve compiled a list of restaurants that carry Jordan wines now offering take-out or delivery–and we’re hosting a Takeout Date Night at Home Photo Contest through April 30. Restaurant delivery vs. takeout options and wine offers are included. Please keep in mind that this is a very fluid situation, so services are changing by the hour in each state and to comply with alcohol beverage laws, we must have at least three restaurants in each area/city before we can add to our list. We will be revising this page daily, so please check back for new additions and leave us a comment with any updates.

There’s nothing like a great meal and a nice bottle of wine to take our minds off the unnerving pandemic for a moment. Please stay home, stay safe, pour a glass of wine and share your photos for a chance to win a Wine Enthusiast temperature-controlled wine refrigerator. Cheers to brighter days ahead.

Restaurants with Food & Wine Delivery by State


Capital Grille
Lunch and dinner takeout at locations across the country. View the menu. Wine to-go varies by state.

Mitchell’s Fish Market
Curbside to-go with 10% off all orders. View the menu. Beer and wine to-go varies by state.

Offering 50% off all wine and beer to-go in cities/states allowing delivery exceptions.

Roka Akor
For every $100 gift card purchase, $20 will go into an employee relief fund for those unemployed due to the virus.

Ruth’s Chris
Offering carry out (with the option to include beer and wine where state laws permit) or food delivery through on-demand delivery partners. Some locations are offering 25% off all to-go orders placed over the phone.


Char (Huntsville)
Offering takeout. View the menu.

Connors Steak & Seafood (Huntsville)
Offering curbside carryout . View the menu.

Phuket (Huntsville)
Offering takeout and delivery.

Daniel George (Mountain Brook)
Wine available to purchase with curbside to-go meals. Menu is available online. Call to place orders: 205-871-3266.

Fleming’s (Birmingham)
Curbside pickup available. Receive $40 off meals $100 or more.

Gianmarco’s (Birmingham)
Curbside pickup and delivery. Call 205-871-9622.

Perry’s Steakhouse (Birmingham)
Offering curbside pickup on to-go orders. View menu here. Call 205-968-1597.


Phoenix/Scottsdale – coming soon


East Bay

ESIN (Danville)
Offering a new takeout menu, featuring several wines to-go, including Jordan. View the menu.

Incontro (Danville)
Offering takeout, including a family menu for four.

Pastas Trattoria (Pleasanton)
Open for takeout  and freshly cut meats and seafood to-go. Offering 10% off orders of $50 or more.

Rooftop Restaurant & Bar (Walnut Creek)
Curbside pickup. Call 925-300-3540 to order.

Strizzi’s (Pleasanton, Livermore and Fremont)
Takeout and delivery available.

Monterey County

Grasing’s (Carmel)
Offering lunch to-go for curbside pickup or delivery on the Monterey Peninsula. View the menu. To place an order, call 831-624-6562.

Mediterranean Restaurant
Place an order through Doordash or call 831-624-5659.

Tree House Cafe (Carmel)
Open for to-go orders and delivery on special “meal deal for two.” Call 831-626-1111.

North Bay – Sonoma County

Barndiva (Healdsburg)
Order online for curbside pickup or free local delivery (Healdsburg and Geyserville). Offering a daily changing menu posted on their website.  Their sommelier has also created a sequester special of 20 percent off the entire wine list–that includes 2015 and 1989 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon.

Dry Creek Kitchen (Healdsburg)
Food to-go ended on March 22, but they are still offering wine bottles to-go from their 500+ wine list, including Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. Call 707-431-0330 to place an order.

SingleThread (Healdsburg)
Michelin three-star restaurant has pivoted to fast casual and is offering farm-fresh to-go meals for $75 for a family of four. Special pricing on the wine list also be available. Order on Tock.

Valette (Healdsburg)
Offering a 3-course menu for $39 with curbside or pickup options. All wines on the list are available to-go for 40 percent off, including Jordan. Use their online form to place your order.

Catelli’s (Geyserville)
Offering to-go family meals and 40% off wine bottles to go.

Diavola (Geyserville)
Limited lunch and dinner menu now available to order online.

Rustic (Geyserville)
Rustic is now offering a special take-out menu daily for lunch with wine options, including Jordan. To order, please call 707-857-1445.

North Bay – Marin County

Left Bank (Larkspur)
Offering pickup and delivery through three partners.

Bungalow 44 (Mill Valley)
To place curbside pickup orders, including bottles of wine, call 415-381-2500.

Buckeye Roadhouse (Mill Valley)
Special to-go menu for curbside pickup or delivery. Breakfast available 6:00-10:00 a.m. and dinner available 4:00-8:00 p.m.

Rickey’s (Novato)
Free delivery in Novato. $50 minimum order.

Poggio (Sausalito)
Curbside takeout available. Call 415-332-7771 to place your order.


Open for takeout and delivery, with 25 percent off bottles of wine. Call 510-788-6217.

Le Cheval
Offering takeout. Call 510-763-8495 to place your order.

Wood Tavern
Offering takeout.


Table Vine
The Waterboy
Visit their sister restaurant, One Speed Pizza for more regular to-go food & wine options.

San Francisco

Wayfare Tavern
Offering restaurant pickup and free delivery through Caviar. View the menus on their website and follow their new food truck location on Instagram. Call 415-772-9060 to place your order.

Online food and wine orders are available for pick-up. View the to-go menu. Offering food delivery through UberEats.

Pickup and delivery through several third parties. 40% off bottles of wine and sake also available for delivery. Call the restaurant to place food orders with bottles: 415-882-1333.

Balboa Cafe
View the pickup and delivery menu. Limited wine to-go options currently available.

Tony’s Pizzeria Napoletana
No wine available for delivery at this time.

Alexander’s Steakhouse
Takeout and delivery now available at all locations. Order online.

South Bay

Alexander’s Steakhouse (Cupertino)
Takeout and delivery now available at all locations. Order online via Caviar.

Creek Eatery (San Jose)
Offering takeout only.

Fleming’s (Santa Clara)
Offering carry out and curbside pickup only. Call to order 408-346-4557.

The Grill on the Alley (San Jose)
Offering to-go pickup and delivery via Doordash.

Izzy’s Steakhouse (San Carlos)
Offering to-go and delivery via Doordash.

Sino (San Jose)
Open daily for to-go orders. All wines 30% off. The view to-go menu.

Vivace Restaurant (Belmont)
Offering to-go and delivery via Doordash and Caviar.


Los Angeles

Crustacean (Beverly Hills)
Now offering pickup and delivery with 20% off. Text 424-303-8108 or call 310-205-8990 to place your order.

Mastro’s (Beverly Hills)
10% off all takeout orders and 50% off select wines (including Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay) with food purchase. Call 310-888-8782 to place your order.

Spago (Beverly Hills)
Offering pickup only. Place your order online with Tock. Special pricing on select wines, including Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon for $60. Please call (310) 385-0880.

Via Alloro (Beverly Hills)
Offering takeout and online delivery through Postmates. Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay available for to-go orders. Call (310) 275-2900.

BOA (West Hollywood)
Curbside pickup and delivery available. Offering 50% off wine list for curbside orders. Orders of $50 or more curbside receive a $20 dining voucher to redeem when the restaurant reopens.

Available for online delivery through Caviar, Postmates or Doordash. View menu here.

Katana (West Hollywood)
Online orders with delivery service through Postmates. To inquire about ordering food with a bottle of wine or sake (or both) for pickup, call 323-650-8585.

Roku (West Hollywood)
Order online via Postmates.

Sushi Roku (Santa Monica)
Online orders available via PostMates.

BOA (Santa Monica)
Curbside pickup and delivery available. Offering 50% off wine list for curbside orders. Orders of $50 or more curbside receive a $20 dining voucher to redeem when the restaurant reopens.

Alexander’s Steakhouse (Pasadena)
Takeout and delivery now available at all locations. Order online via Doordash.

Sushi Roku (Pasadena)
Order online via GrubHub.

Newport Beach

A Restaurant
Call the Market to learn more and place your order at (949) 650-6515.

CP Restaurant & Lounge
Offering delivery through DoorDash.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood
Takeout and complimentary delivery are available. Please call (949) 720-9925 to place your order.

Sushi Roku
Offering 50% off wines and sake for pick-up orders. Call (949) 706-3622 to place your order.

Offering to-go only. View menu here.

Mastro’s Ocean Club
Offering 10% off all takeout orders and 50% off select wines with food purchase. Call 949-376-6990 to place your order.

Rusty Pelican
Call 949-642-3431 to place order for curbside to-go service and receive 10% off. Online delivery available here.

Village Inn
Offering takeout and complimentary food and beverage delivery for Balboa Island residents. Call 949-675-8300.

San Diego Area

Offering pick-up and delivery. Place your order online.

Carvers Steaks & Chops

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse
Offering 10% off all to-go orders. Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon is available for 50% off. Call (619) 586-5390 for more information.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood (San Diego)
Takeout and complimentary delivery are available. Jordan Chardonnay and Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon are both 25% off. Please call (619) 615-0281.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood (La Jolla)
Takeout and complimentary delivery are available. Jordan Chardonnay and Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon are both 25% off. Please call (858) 459-5500.

The Godfather Restaurant 
Offering curbside and delivery. 50% off select wines. Call (858) 560-1747 to place your order or order online.

Lou & Mickey’s (San Diego; Pop-Up Market Only)
Check their Facebook page for daily updates.

P.F. Chang’s Bistro (San Diego)
Offering takeout and online delivery. Call (619) 260-8484. Free delivery on orders of $25 or more.

Santa Barbara

Jill’s Place
Montecito Wine Bistro

South Bay

Lido di Manhattan (Manhattan Beach)
Open for take-out and delivery. We are also selling all wine off of our list for 35% off to-go, including Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Call (310) 536-0730 to place an order for pick-up or order online through our delivery partners Postmates, UberEats and DoorDash.

Kincaid’s (Redondo Beach)
Offering 10% off all to-go orders. Available for delivery online.

Kristy’s Village Cafe (Malibu)
Offering pick-up and delivery. Jordan Chardonnay available.

James’ Beach (Venice Beach)
Offering 50% off wines with food purchase for pick-up orders only.

Tramonto Bistro (Malibu)
Offering takeout and delivery within 6 miles. Call (310) 317-6769 to place your order.


The Capital Grille (Stamford)
Offering curbside takeout and complimentary delivery. View menu here.

Harvest Wine Bar (West Hartford)
Offering takeout or delivery. View the takeout menu or order directly for delivery.

Tony’s at the J House (Riverside)
Offering curbside takeout. Please call (203) 698-6999 to place your order. View menu online



Barolo Grill
Curbside pickup, including wine.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse
Offering to-go, steak meal kits, box lunches, grocery items and more. 50% off any wine under $400. Call 303-872-8495 or order online.

Curbside pickup service from 4-8 p.m. every day. Jordan Chardonnay available for $45 (50% off the wine list price) with takeaway orders. Call 303-770-7300.

Urban Farmer
Carry-out Menu available from 12pm-8pm Tuesday – Saturday. Call 720-460-2728 to place your order. Pickup will be at their sister restaurant: Kachina Cantina.

YaYa’s Euro Bistro
Carry-out and takeout available, plus free delivery within a five-mile radius. Call 303-741-1110.


Broward/Fort Lauderdale Area

Bistro Mezzaluna
Offering items from our regular menu and wine list 30% off, including Jordan Chardonnay and Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. Call 954-522-6620 to place your order for curbside pickup.

Capital Grille
Takeout available. View the menu.

Casa D’Angelo’s
Offering 25% off bottles of wine to-go and 20% off gift cards with proceeds to help the restaurant’s employees. Call 954-564-1234 to place an order. Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon available.

Del Frisco’s Grille
Featuring a to-go menu, a grocery menu, family dinners and an Easter menu. Call 754-312-3235 to place an order.

Runyon’s (Coral Springs)
Offering takeout and delivery. Call 954-752-2333.

Offering curbside pickup. View the menu.

Miami Dade

Zuma (Downtown)
Offering wine at retail price with any carryout order. Call 305-577-0277 to place an order.

Drunken Dragon (Miami Beach)
Open for takeout and delivery through many third-party apps. Jordan Chardonnay available.

Meat Market (Miami Beach)
Offering curbside to-go, takeout and also deliveries via GrubHub and UberEats. Call 305-532-0088 to place an order with wine.

Prime Italian (Miami Beach)
Takeout and delivery options, as well as wine and spirits to-go.

Prime 112 (Miami Beach)
Takeout and delivery options, as well as wine and spirits to-go.

Red, The Steakhouse (Miami Beach)
Takeout and delivery options. Orders can be placed via Google Orders. Call-in orders if you’d like to include a bottle of wine: 305-534-3688.

Stiltsville Fish Bar (Miami Beach)
Offering curbside pickup on carryout orders on its takeout menu, as well as 50% off Jordan bottles purchased to-go. Call 786-353-0477 to place an order.

Sweet Liberty (Miami Beach)
Offering curbside to-go, takeout and also deliveries via GrubHub and UberEats.

El Novillo (South Miami)
Offering a 30% discount on wine list bottles to all customers who purchase food to-go for takeout or delivery.

Mi’Talia Kitchen + Bar (South Miami)
Online orders available via ToastTab. To inquire about adding wine to a to-go order, call 305-930-8555.

Root & Bone (South Miami)
Taking online orders via ToastTab.

Caffe Portofino (Miami)
Offering curbside to-go, takeout and also deliveries via GrubHub and UberEats.

Naples/Fort Myers/Sarasota Area

Bianca’s (Fort Myers)
Offering curbside pickup on to-go orders.

Charley’s Boat House (Fort Myers)
View the menu on their website. Bottles of wine and beer available to-go. Call 239-765-4700 to order.

Connors Steak & Seafood (Fort Myers and Sarasota)
Offering curbside carryout at both locations. View the menu.

PF Chang’s (Fort Myers)
Free delivery with any order of $25 or more.


Antonio’s Market and Café
Offering curbside or delivery from full café menu as well as deli with a full range of beef, seafood, produce and prepared meals. Also offering delivery from their Gourmet Market that includes sauces, pasta, jams, and full liquor and wine store. Call 407-645-1039 or order online.

Capital Grille

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Vines Grill & Wine Bar
Offering takeout only.

Eddie V’s Steakhouse
Takeout and complimentary delivery are available.

Palm Beach

The Breakers
Offering take-out and delivery.

Il Bellagio
Offering takeout orders with a bottle of wine.

Meat Market
Offering curbside to-go, takeout and also deliveries via GrubHub and UberEats.


Bern’s Steakhouse

Capital Grille

Eddie V’s
Takeout and complimentary delivery are available.

Meat Market
Offering curbside to-go, takeout and also deliveries via UberEats.

Mystic Fish


Atlanta & Suburbs

Orders can be placed by calling 770.838.3501 and picking up curbside at our restaurant. Offering delivery through UberEats, Postmates, and Doordash. Carryout wine and beer is only available curbside. Full bottle list is available (including Jordan) at 66% off. Visit their website for daily menus. 100% of gratuities and bread proceeds will be shared amongst the staff.

Brooklyn Cafe (Sandy Springs)
Call 404-843-8377 to place your order for curbside pickup, takeout, or delivery. All wines are discounted.

View the takeout menu online. Call 404-844-4810 to place an order.

La Grotta Ristorante
To-go and delivery begins again on March 26. Visit their blog for details on curbside wine and food pickups. And 100% of all gift card purchases go to their staff. View the menu.

Le Colonial
Place your takeout order online through Square. Jordan Chardonnay available to-go.

Local 3
Offering a limited menu that will be available for carry-out, curbside service and delivery. Place a carryout order online and call 404-968-2700 for delivery.

Murphy’s Tavern
Call to place to-go orders with curbside pickup: 404-872-0904. View the takeout menu. Delivery available through Zifty.

Ruth’s Chris (Centennial Park, Buckhead, Alpharetta, Kennesaw)
All locations offering takeout and wine to-go.

Website online order link in progress. Call 404-688-0040.

Tako Sushi (Augusta)
Offering curbside service at our Augusta location from 12:00pm – 7:30pm. Call (706)736-9191 to place your order.

Offering a limited menu of UMI’s greatest hits for curbside pickup or delivery within a 4-mile radius. Jordan Chardonnay is available with pickup orders. For orders and additional details, please call 404-841-0040 after 3pm Monday-Saturday.

101 Steak (Vinings)
Call 770-805-8855 to place takeout order.


Bodega Ultima
Offering a limited selection of favorite menu items to-go. Call 706-426-6661 to place an order.

Bonefish Grill
Offering to-go and delivery through Waitr and Doordash.

Tako Sushi
Offering curbside pickup at Augusta, Aiken and Evans locations.



MW Restaurant
Offering takeout, drive-thru and delivery. View the to-go menu.

Pig & The Lady
Takeout available through ChowNow.

Outrigger Canoe Club
Offering curbside pickup.


Chicago & Metro Suburbs

Cafe Spiaggia
Also using ChowNow for delivery or takeout. Only offering about a half dozen wines to-go at this time (not Jordan–sorry!). Receive a $25 gift card for orders of $50 or more, or receive a $50 gift card for all orders over $100.

George & Georgetti
Delivery and curbside take-out offered daily beginning at 11:00 a.m. Menus and delivery links to Doordash and GrubHub are on their website. Located in Rosemont, George & Georgetti is also offering 50% of wine, while supplies last.

Gibson’s Italia
Delivery and curbside pickup orders can be placed online at Doordash. Only a few bottles are currently listed on the Doordash Wine ToGo menu, so call the restaurant to place pickup orders with Jordan and other bottles. Same 25 percent off offered on select bottles. Phone: 312-266-8999.

Gibson’s Steakhouse (Chicago and Rosemont)
Delivery and curbside pickup orders can be placed online at Doordash. But if you want to include a bottle of Jordan wine, call the restaurant to place your pickup order. They’re offering 25 percent off all bottles on the wine list. Phone: 312-266-8999.

Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap
Delivery or takeout available on their website via ChowNow or Doordash. Guests can order bottles off the wine list for takeout orders placed directly with the restaurant. Phone: 312-266-0400. Receive a $25 gift card for orders of $50 or more, or receive a $50 gift card for all orders over $100.

Joe’s Stone Crab
Offering bottles of Jordan at 50% off for delivery and carryout orders. View the carryout menu. If you can’t find Jordan on the online menu, call 312-379-5637 to place an order.

Katana Robata
Offering 50% off all bottles of wine and sake with any pickup order. Call to place pickup orders: 312-877-5544. Orders of $50 or more receive a bonus $20 gift card. Delivery orders are also available through third-party services.

River Roast
Delivery or takeout available via Doordash. Receive a $25 gift card for orders of $50 or more, or receive a $50 gift card for all orders over $100. You can’t order Jordan to-go or for delivery at this time, but you can order Jordan on our online shop or find a wine retailer in the Chicago area who delivers.

Roka Akor (Chicago, Old Orchard and Oak Brook)
Offering takeout and curbside pickup, delivery through Caviar and DoorDash, as well as a gift card promotion: For every $100 gift card purchase, $20 will go into an employee relief fund for those unemployed due to the virus. All three locations are also offering wine to-go, and $20 from each bottle sale will go into that employee fund.

Shaw’s Crab House (Chicago and Schaumburg)
Offering delivery or pickup orders at both locations. Call to place orders that include bottles of wine. Chicago location: 312-527-2722. Schaumburg: 847-517-2722.

Victory Italian
Delivery available through Doordash and other services listed on their website under ORDER ONLINE. To place a to-go order that includes any bottles off their wine list, including Jordan, call 312-929-2850.


Des Moines

Carryout only.

To-go orders available for wine and food.

Louie’s Wine Dive
Limited food menu and wine to-go.



Marcellos Café
Curbside pickup for to-go orders.

Ruffinos on the River
Also offering curbside service for food orders. View their family meal menu.

Curbside pickup available on all to-go orders. Free delivery on orders of $50 or more. Call 337-406-0013 to place orders with wine; Doordash also available.

New Orleans

Half- and full-size pan dishes available for pickup or delivery. Menu posted weekly on Instagram.

Bywater American Bistro
Hosting of takeout pop-ups at both Bywater American Bistro and Compère Lapin with curbside pickup.

Doris Metropolitan
Butcher shop and full menu available online. All wines are 50% off including Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. Call ahead to place order 504-267-3500 for delivery or curbside pickup.

Offering family meals to-go. Bottles of wine too. View the daily menu.

GW Fins
Offering curbside pickup with a $30 three-course menu. Wines are also half price. To order, call 504-581-3467.

Superior Seafood
Curbside service for food and wine bottles to-go, including Jordan Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Call 504-293-3474.


The below restaurants are offering curbside pickup and carryout orders. Ask to add a bottle of Jordan to your order.

Giolitte’s (Annapolis)
Italian Market (Annapolis)
O’Leary’s Seafood (Annapolis)
Aldo’s (Baltimore)
State Fare (Baltimore)
Sullivan’s Steakhouse (Baltimore)
Iron Bridge Wine Company & Cafe (Columbia)
Cured Table & Tap (Columbia)
The Grill at Harryman House (Ellicott City)
State Fare (Catonsville)
CuVino (Timonium)
Liberatore’s (Timonium)
Cafe Troia (Towson)
Mountain Branch Country Club (Joppa)



Monument Tavern
Delivery and takeout available. Order $100 to spend at the Charlestown tavern in the future, and receive a $10 bonus. Place your order on their website or through Caviar.

Mooo (lunch also available)
Offering curbside pickup and delivery via Caviar.

Strega North End
Offering takeout and free delivery to North End, Seaport, South Boston, East Boston, Back Bay, West End and Downtown Crossing. View menu online and call (617) 456-5700 to place your order.

Offering curbside pickup and delivery.



Capital Grille
Curbside Takeout featuring signature favorites, family style dinners, and uncooked hand-carved steaks. Peruse our takeout menu at and call to order. Available 12-8pm daily.

Red Cow
Offering take-out, curbside pickup and delivery. Order online from several partners. Four locations to choose from.

Red Rabbit (North Loop and St. Paul)
Offering take-out, curbside pickup and delivery. Multiple ways to order online. Call to ask about adding a bottle of wine to your order: North Loop at 612-767-8855 or St. Paul at 651-444-5995.



Corkscrew Wine & Cheese
Offering free delivery to local Omaha area only. Contact Jessica at 402-670-7565 or

Fleming’s Omaha
Offering carry out and curbside pickup only. Call to order 402-393-0811.

J Gilberts
Offering 20% off all to-go orders. Please call 531-222-9218 to place your order. View menu online.

Half off bottles of wine to-go ($50-$90), and 25% off bottles of wine to-go over $90.

Omaha Prime
Free delivery for lunch and dinner, as well as 30% off all bottles of wine.

Single Barrel
View the carryout menu.

Stokin Goat
Offering curbside pickup and gift card promotion: Buy a $100 Gift Card and $30 goes back to hourly staff for lost wages and tips. Learn more here.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse
Offering curbside pickup and delivery. Place your order online or call 402-342-0077.

Offering delivery or pickup via Doordash.

Offering free delivery on, as well as curbside pick-up and carry-out. They are giving customers a $10 bonus card for orders over $40 to use when they are able to re-open in-house dining. Proceeds from to-go orders also go into an employee relief fund.


Las Vegas

Del Frisco’s 
Offering 50% off all bottles of wine up to $400 for all to-go customers and 10% off all to-go orders. Call (702) 745-5224 to place your order.

Double Helix
Offering delivery on GrubHub. Call for more information (702) 473-5415.

Joe’s Stone Crab
Offering bottles of Jordan at 50% off for delivery and carryout orders. View the carryout menu. If you can’t find Jordan on the online menu, call 702-792-9222 to place an order.

10% off takeout orders.


Chart House
Offering 10% off all takeout orders. Not valid on delivery orders and must mention offer to redeem. View menu here.

Whispering Vine
Kitchen is open for to-go orders during the afternoon to early evening only. Wine, beer and spirits available to go beginning at 11 a.m.

Takeout only. Please call 775-829-9449.



Blue Morel

Buona Sera
Full regular menu available online. Please call (732) 530-5858 to place your order.


Etsy Street
Offering curbside pickup and delivery with Doordash and GrubHub. You can also call to place your order 201-307-1515. Esty Street Gift Certificates are also available at a 10% discount.

Take-out available.

Osteria Cucina Rustica
If you would like to place a take out or delivery order please call 732-577-8288.

Park Steakhouse
Offering curbside pickup and free local delivery. Minimum order of $40 required for delivery, exclusive of taxes. Delivery available daily. Limited to 2 mile radius: Park Ridge, Rivervale, Montvale, Pearl River, Upper Saddle River.

Offering delivery and takeout, including liquor and wine. Offering 20% off entire wine list. Please call 201 541-8530 or order online.

The Tewksbury Inn
Available for lunch and dinner takeout every day. Offering 50% off all liquor, beer and wine.

Washington House
Offering takeout and curbside pickup. 50% off all bottles of wine. Call 908-766-7610 to place your order.


New York City

Del Frisco’s 
To-go is available daily beginning at 11:00am. View to-go menu here.

Offering 10% off all food orders and 50% off all beer and wine (wines listed at $400 or less) with the purchase of food. Call 212-972-3315 to place your order. Orders placed can be delivered within 45 minutes to an hour.

The Palm
All takeout orders are 25% off with double 837 Club points until March 31.

Root & Bone
Now offering curbside pickup option. View the to-go menu.

STK Steak (Midtown and Downtown)
Offering bottles of Jordan at 50% off at both locations. View the carryout menu and delivery options.

Offering wine at retail price with any carryout order. Jordan Chardonnay currently offered at $38.  Call 212-544-9862 to place an order.

Long Island

Pace’s Steakhouse (Hauppauge)
Offering delivery within 5 miles and curbside take-out.

Restaurant Prime (Huntington)
Offering 20% off all delivery and take-out orders.

Tellers Chophouse (Islip)
Offering 20% off all delivery and take-out orders.

Westchester County

Beach Point Club (Mamaroneck)
Frankie & Johnnie’s (Rye)
Lenny’s Steakhouse (Larchmont)
Sergio’s (Pelham)


Carmel Country Club (Charlotte)
Offering curbside pickup for member orders.

Dressler’s (gift cards only)

Eddie V’s
Takeout and complimentary delivery are available.


Oklahoma City

Broadway 10 Bar & Chophouse
Call 405-212-3949 to place your order. Offering 50% all food items. Select wines and bottled beers available for pick-up orders only.

Jordan wine available to purchase with all carryout food orders. Call 405-236-0416.

Papa Dio’s
Call for curbside or delivery: 405-755-2255.

Ranch Steakhouse
Offering free delivery and curbside takeout daily.


Menu updated daily on their Facebook page and Instagram. Call 918-728-2435 ext. 3 to place your order.

Polo Grill
Call 918-744-4280.

Call 918-582-3456.

Villa Ravenna
Offering curbside or takeout. Call 918-270-2666.


Vanda Cucina (Warwick)

Camille’s (Providence)

Fluke (Newport)

SOUTH CAROLINA – coming soon



ATX Cocina
Offering takeout via Tock. Jordan Chardonnay available to-go with food purchase. Call 512-263-2322 with any questions.

Bob’s Steak and Chop House
Wines available to-go with the purchase of any entree.

Call 512-451-7333 to place carryout orders. Ask about wine to-go availability.

iii forks
The full wine list is available to-go, with delivery by the restaurant within walking distance or via third-party apps. Call 512-474-1776.

Call 512-477-5584 to place orders for curbside pickup. The restaurant has been sharing Instagram photos of featured wines, including Jordan. Click on curbside delivery on their website to see the to-go menu.

Call ahead for curbside pickup: 512-358-6054.

June’s All Day
For curbside pickup, call 512-416-1722. View the menu online.

Lin Asian Bar + Dim Sum
Wines by the bottle are available for takeout or delivery, but if you’d like a bottle of Jordan, you’ll need to call: 512-474-5107. Click order online to view the menu.

Red Ash Italia
Offering curbside pickup or to-go orders, as well as 50% off all wines by the bottle with your food order, including Jordan wines. Call 512-379-2906. View the menu.

Dallas – Fort Worth

The Capital Grille
Available for curbside takeout and complimentary delivery (minimum order required). Call (214) 303-0500 to place your order. Jordan Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon available curbside.

Offering 40% off wine and a special to-go menu. Call 214-526-9463. For non-wine orders, find them on Doordash.

Drake’s Hollywood
Curbside pickup available or delivery through third-party apps. Wines available at 30% off list price.

Eddie V’s (Forth Worth)
Takeout menu available. Call 817-336-8000 to place orders, including bottles of wine offered at a discount.

Hillside Tavern
Curbside takeout and delivery by phone only, including wines available to-go. Call 214-888-0152.

Marty B’s (Bartonville)
Offering curbside pickup and wines more than 50% off (Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon available for $50).

Curbside takeout and delivery available, including wines to-go. Call 469-291-5660.

Silver Fox (Fort Worth, Frisco, Richardson)
Orders for delivery can be placed through Doordash, GrubHub and others. For takeout orders including bottles of wine, call each restaurant directly.  Fort Worth: 817-332-9060, Frisco: 214-618-5220 and Richardson: 972-423-8121. Requesting that customers to bring their own pens to sign receipts during the virus.

Offering curbside takeout and delivery, including wines to-go. Call 214-841-9463.


Offering 10% off all wine purchases with a food order. To-go and delivery options.

Fielding’s Wood Grill (The Woodlands)
Curbside pickup and delivery options, including wines to-go like Jordan.

Jackson Street BBQ
Curbside pickup for lunch.

Peli Peli
Offering free delivery or takeout. Someone purchased their last three bottles of Jordan on Wednesday, but they should be back in stock soon.

Offering curbside pickup.

Rainbow Lodge
Now offering curbside takeout (including wine), plus delivery through third-party partners.

Roka Akor
Takeout and delivery options. For every $100 gift card purchase, $20 will go into the restaurant’s Employee Relief Fund.

Rosie Cannonball
Offering curbside takeout and delivery. Many wines are available through their online form, but not ours. To add Jordan to your to-go order, call 832-380-2471.

Steak 48
Offering “white glove” curbside to-go service. Call 713-322-7448 to place orders including bottles of wine.

Via Emilia (Woodlands)
Offering takeout and delivery services, as well as 50% off all wine bottles. Call 281-465-9555 to place to-go orders with wine.

San Antonio

For curbside pickup, please call (210) 816-0088 to place your order.

Hotel Emma
Supper at Hotel Emma is now offering a new all-day to-go menu for convenient curbside takeout only. Visit Supper’s website to view the to-go menu, and call the restaurant at 210-448-8352 to place your order.

La Frite Belgian Bistro
Offering carryout with specials on select wines. Call 210-224-7555.

Call 210-352-3171 or 210-705-3401 to place your order for curbside pickup offered Tuesday through Saturday. Also 50% off bottles of wine and beer.



Cafe Society
Now offering delivery through UberEats.

Capital Grille
Offering takeout and complimentary delivery. Call (901) 683-9291 to place your order.

Char Restaurant
Offering curbside pick-up and free delivery in the immediate area. To place your order, call 901-249-3533.

Coastal Fish Company
Curbside pick-up and delivery. Please call (901) 266-9000. Full wine list also available.

Erling Jensen Restaurant
Carry-out available from selected menu. Please call (901) 763-3700.

Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar
Offering curbside pickup and delivery. Full online wine list also available.

Folks Folly Prime Steakhouse
Offering takeout, curbside pickup and limited delivery. Call (901)-762-8200.

Frank Grisanti Italian Restaurant
Curbside pickup available. Call (901) 761-9462 to place your order or use UberEats for delivery.

Interim Restaurant
Takeout and curbside pickup available every day. Call (901) 818-0821 to place your order. View menu here.

J. Alexander’s – Redland’s Grill
Offering carryout. Please call (901) 381-9670 to place your order. View menu here.

Porch And Parlor
Offering curbside pickup and delivery. Call (901)-725-4000 to place your order. Full online wine list is available.

Southern Social
Offering curbside pickup and delivery. Call (901)-754-5555 to place your order. Full online wine list is available.



Converted to drive-thru. View all the menu options on their website.

JaK’s Grill
All three locations offer carryout.

To-go orders with free delivery. Featuring a family-style menu.


Joe’s Stone Crab
Offering bottles of Jordan at 50% off for delivery and carryout orders. View the carryout menu and delivery options. If you can’t find Jordan on the online menu, call 202-489-0140 to place an order. 

To-go menu now available. View menu and place orders on their Tock reservations page.

Rare Steakhouse
Offering pick-up and delivery through ToastTab. Order their Date Night Dinner Package for 2 with a bottle of 2015 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. View their online menu here or call 202.800.9994.



Working to resume carryout and delivery orders soon. Check website for latest update.

PF Chang’s
Curbside takeout or delivery.

Rare Steakhouse
Have your steak and cabernet to-go. Curbside meal pickup with bottles of wine. The best part? Wine is 50% off. To place an order, call 414-273-7273.


Buck & Badger
Available for takeout Tuesday-Saturday. Call 608-230-7999 to place your order for takeout and offering delivery through EatStreet.

In-store or curbside pickup available for family meals that cater to 3-5 people. Bottles of wine available. Pickup is Wednesday-Saturday. To place an order, call 608-251-0500.

Rare Steakhouse
Same offer as the Milwaukee location, including 50% off wine bottles. To place an order, call 608-204-9000.

Women in Leadership at Jordan Winery: Three New Faces

The start of a new decade coincides with some exciting changes in leadership at Jordan Winery. Because we’ve been making wine for 44 vintages and counting, we have several employees who have worked here for decades, and the time for their retirement has arrived, albeit bittersweet.  Today, we want to introduce you to three faces that represent the future at Jordan in administration, winemaking and viticulture–and all are female. Jordan has always had many women in leadership, and that continues to trend upward. Of the 10 departments at Jordan, seven are now led by women for the first time. This announcement also coincides with International Women’s Day (March 8) and Women’s History Month, and John Jordan couldn’t be more thrilled about the decade ahead.

Devonna Smith Chief Financial Officer Jordan Winery Sonoma County Leadership
Devonna Smith, Jordan Winery CFO

Meet Devonna Smith, Chief Financial Officer

Devonna Smith joins Jordan Winery as chief financial officer, succeeding Ron Kampel, who has worked at Jordan for 24 years and has led the company’s accounting, human resources and information technology departments since 2005. Devonna loves to crunch numbers and find ways to improve systems. Born and raised in Colusa, Calif., she has lived in the Napa Valley since 1988, when she married her high school sweetheart. She will take on Jordan Winery’s chief financial officer role in April 2020, overseeing finance, accounting, human resources and IT. Devonna most recently served as the CFO and chief of staff at Chappellet Winery and Vineyard for seven years. There, she led finance and human resources, oversaw administration and IT, and worked closely with all areas of the business from winemaking/production, sales and marketing. Prior to Chappellet, Devonna worked as CFO and manager of administration at Long Meadow Ranch, where the company grew from its winemaking roots to include e-commerce, vineyards, a restaurant, a sustainable ranch, a cattle company and a real estate investment company. Before working at wineries, Smith honed her accounting skills at several CPA firms in Wine Country, gaining specific wine accounting and financial reporting expertise. Smith received her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting from California State University, Chico, and she has worked in accounting, finance and management for more than 30 years.

Winemaker Maggie Kruse Jordan Winery Sonoma County Barrels
Maggie Kruse, Jordan Winery Winemaker

Meet Maggie Kruse, Winemaker

Maggie Kruse, who was promoted to winemaker at Jordan last summer, will now oversee both winemaking and winegrowing at Jordan. Maggie joined Jordan in 2006 as enologist and was mentored by longtime Jordan winemaker and winegrower Rob Davis, who retired in 2019 after his 43rd growing season. She is only the second winemaker in Jordan history. The daughter of a beer brewer, Maggie grew up in Milwaukee, Wis., learning about fermentation at an early age. She moved to the Napa Valley at age 17 to pursue her dream of becoming a winemaker. After graduating from University of California, Davis, she worked as an intern at two wineries before joining Jordan Winery as enologist in 2006. She was mentored by winemaker Rob Davis through promotions to assistant winemaker and associate winemaker over a decade, and she became Jordan’s head winemaker in July 2019. Maggie manages all winemaking and winegrowing staff, including the assistant winemaker, enologist, cellar crew and grower relations manager, and she also oversees the day-to-day operations in the cellars, such as quality control experiments, fermentation monitoring, tank and lot organizing, selecting and inspecting barrels, blending, batonnage, selecting corks and bottles, bottling and labeling.

grower relations manager dana grande at jordan vineyard and winery sonoma county
Dana Grande, Jordan Winery Grower Relations Manager

Meet Dana Grande, Grower Relations Manager

Dana Grande has returned to Jordan in the newly created role of grower relations manager, reporting to Maggie. Dana worked in the Jordan Estate vineyards from 1999 to 2012, before moving to Ferrari-Carano Winery to become its grower relations manager—a role that Davis always handled at Jordan. Growing up in Sonoma County, Dana was always intrigued by vineyards even though she didn’t have a family connection to the wine business. While studying biology in college, she was hired to run the vineyard office for Hoot Owl Creek and Alexander Valley Vineyards. At harvest time, she quickly realized that the real action was in the vineyard and learned how to drive a forklift wearing sandals and a sundress. After five years of working in the vineyards, she joined Jordan in 1999 as estate viticulturist and transitioned to vineyard manager during her 13 years with the company. When Jordan sold its first estate vineyard in 2012, continuing a shift toward focusing more on grower fruit, she decided to move to Ferrari-Carano Winery to be grower relations manager—a position that didn’t exist at that time at Jordan. After eight years of working with the Carano family’s grape growers, Dana returned to the Jordan family in February 2020, where she’ll work with Jordan’s cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay growers.

The Best Years for Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Back to the 1976 Vintage

What are the best years for Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon? This is a question often asked by wine collectors, as well as those who have been holding onto a special bottle from an anniversary or birth year. Because Jordan has been making wine since 1976, there are many great vintages in both our memories and our library, but we asked long-time winemaker and baseball lover Rob Davis, who retired in 2019, to whittle down the best years for Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon over 44 years into one list. Consider this his Jordan Hall of Fame. (New wines will be added to this post upon release.)

The below sensory notes and comments were compiled from technical tastings over the last few years, which are also useful for updating the Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage Chart & When To Drink Guide for our fans. Vintage wine is a living thing that evolves over time, and every palate finds its own set of charms in each wine. If you open one of these bottles, please tag us @jordanwinery to let us know if you agree with our notes.

Best Jordan Cabernet Years: Old Vintage Wines & Recent Releases

1978 Jordan Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

1978 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

1978 was considered a great vintage across the region. After a cold, wet spring, warm weather prevailed. Despite two previous years of drought, the crop in Alexander Valley was bountiful and of exceptionally high quality. Though 1978 was a classic year for cabernet, four decades is a long time for red wine to live. As expected, the 1978 Jordan Cabernet is beyond peak maturity. It presents shy notes of leather, tobacco and cedar with hints of cherry, spice and dust. While this wine still displays the charms of an old, classic Bordeaux-style red, Rob Davis prefers the 1979 for its aging merit.

1979 Jordan Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

1979 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

1979 yielded a smaller crop than 1978 and the wine was more concentrated, but less opulent. In its youth, the 1979 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon was considered a great wine for its fruit and finesse—assertive in fruit expression, yet well-rounded in bouquet. Decades later, the wine is desperately holding on to what is left of the once perfectly balanced components of acidity, fruit, alcohol and tannins. It has a lovely aged Bordeaux quality (leather, cherry, herbal tea, plums), and a still-lively palate with soft, silky tannins. While wines bottled in 750mL are past their peak, larger formats should be opened now.

1980 jordan cabernet

1980 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine’s fine tannins, firm acidity and rich cherry fruit characters have made it one of Jordan’s longest-lived vintages. The 1980 growing season was long and cool, and the grapes enjoyed extended hang time that resulted in incredibly intense flavors. The vintage was also marked by huge tannins, so the softer Merlot fruit was essential in finding a harmonious balance. The 1980 vintage still flaunts ruby-red color and texture, and tastes 15 years younger than it is. Some delicate red fruits and spices still linger on the soft palate, where the acid and tannins live on. The 750mL, 3L and 6L formats should be enjoyed now. Magnums are at their peak.

1985 jordan cabernet

1985 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

Rob Davis regards 1985 as the best vintage of the 1980s—a decade that included very few good years. Gorgeous weather in Alexander Valley produced ripe, rich and fleshy cabernets with superb balance. A nice, even growing season led to tremendous harmony both in the vineyards and the grapes. Though still a beauty on many levels, the 1985 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon is finally showing its age. Bottles stored under the best conditions show mature flavors of dried red fruit, leather and earth with hints of caramel. The 750mL is past its peak, and magnums, 3L and 6L formats should be uncorked now.

1990 jordan cabernet

1990 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

This was one of several excellent vintages in the 1990s, including 1990-1992, 1994, and especially 1995 and 1997. The combination of ideal weather and healthy, maturing grapevines produced a remarkable wine that was big and lush, yet balanced. Aside from a slightly reduced crop due to spring rain, 1990 was an ideal growing season. The wine is still lively, with dried cherry and plum aromas in the foreground, backed by forest floor, eucalyptus, tobacco and tea. The finish is long, silky, complex and complete. All bottle formats are drinking beautifully and ready to enjoy.

1991 Jordan Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

1991 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

Considered a classic vintage due to the growing conditions, 1991 presented no weather extremes. A late harvest allowed great depth of fruit and complex tannins to develop in Jordan’s Alexander Valley estate vineyards, from which this wine was exclusively made. The wine still offers notes of dried herbs, cassis and plum, with supple tannins and moderate acidity. Drink the 750mL and 1.5L now, as they are just past peak maturity. The 3L and 6L should also be opened now, but will hold for a couple more years.

1992 Jordan Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

1992 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

Considered an opulent vintage, this wine benefited from ideal, warm weather during the growing season. The 1992 harvest was early and warm, with very little rain. The grapes in Jordan’s valley floor estate vineyards ripened quickly, offering layers of red and black fruit flavors. Aromas of black cherry, plum, nutmeg, and a hint of fennel are rounded out by perfumed cassis with a bouquet of French oak. Drink the 750mL and 1.5L now, while at peak maturity. The 3L and 6L are also excellent now, and should be decanted 20 to 30 minutes before drinking.

1994 Jordan Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

1994 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

The long, cool harvest season allowed this cabernet to fully develop its varietal character through extended hang time. A long harvest occurred due to cold nights late in the growing season, which prolonged ripening and allowed the fruit to reach optimal sugar levels. Acidity in the juice was low due to the extra time on the vine, but it increased due to the tannic acid in the skins by the time the wine was pressed. The 1994 Jordan Cabernet is just past its peak but still beautifully rounded and balanced with aromas of red cherry, light black fruits and sweet floral notes. Magnums, 3L and 6L formats should be enjoyed now.

1995 Jordan Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

1995 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

At the time of release, this Bordeaux-like wine reminded Rob Davis of the hands of a surgeon—strong and well-coordinated, yet delicate. A long harvest due to cold nights late in the growing season prolonged ripening and fruit concentration perfectly complemented the rich, supple tannins achieved by the long hang time. The 1995 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon still displays great balance between its persistent tannin structure and seemingly youthful acidity. Blackberry, cherry and cassis dominate the nose and are amply confirmed on the palate with the addition of cedar and a hint of anise. Drink 750mL bottles now (decant 15 minutes before enjoying). Larger formats are approaching peak drinkability.

1997 jordan cabernet

1997 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine’s Sonoma County designation reflects the broader grape sourcing used during the replanting of Jordan’s estate vineyard after phylloxera devastated Northern California vineyards. 1997 was a generous vintage that provided a bounty of stunning fruit—intensely aromatic and layered with lush, dense flavors. Harvest began a month early with grapes picked at a frantic pace. The fruit was intensely aromatic, layered with blackberry, chocolate and cassis. At full maturity, the 1997 Jordan Cabernet presents flavors of black cherry, strawberry, herbs and cedar. With ripe and supple tannins, the wine is at its peak in 750mL and 1.5L. 3L and 6L bottles can hold for three to five more years.

1999 jordan cabernet

1999 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

1999 marked the first harvest from Jordan’s estate hillside vineyards. Overall cluster weights were 40% lower than normal due to tiny, intensely flavored berries. Continuing to showcase a great structure and polished tannins, the wine is rich and silky on the palate, with concentrated aromas of black cherry, blackberry and cassis. Layers of dark fruit flavors are integrated with smooth tannins and an attractive freshness for its age. Fresh and bright out of the bottle—a real Jordan powerhouse—the 1999 is now at its peak. Drink 750mL bottles now through 2021, 1.5L now through 2025, 3L through 2030 and 6L through 2035.

2002 Jordan Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

2002 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

Arguably this decade’s greatest vintage, 2002 marks Jordan’s return to the Alexander Valley appellation after replanting its estate vineyard due to phylloxera. The vintage was characterized by fruit uniformity due to an excellent growing season tempered by a lack of extreme heat or rain. Overall, it was a wonderful season which produced a layered, textured cabernet sauvignon. The 2002 still tastes quite young, displaying aromas of red cherries, dried herbs and a hint of white pepper. The palate is silky and round, exuding layers of black cherry and blackberry flavors seamlessly integrated with smooth tannins. Dried cherry and jasmine tea flavors linger on the finish. Drink 750mL bottles now through 2022. Enjoy or cellar magnums through 2030.

2007 jordan cabernet

2007 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2007 vintage was a winemaker’s dream. A smaller crop yielded more concentrated flavors in the grapes, and moderate temperatures allowed the fruit to mature slowly, resulting in one of Jordan’s top vintages of the decade. Temperate conditions allowed the winery to pick pristine grapes over a six-week period, ensuring optimal maturity. The 2007 wine exudes beautiful, dense  blackberry and cassis aromas that echo through the mid-palate. A lush mouthfeel of well integrated, silky tannins and balanced acidity is accented by notes of vanilla and cedar. Drink 750mL bottles now or cellar through 2027. Larger formats can hold from 2035 to 2056.

2009 jordan cabernet

2009 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

Rob Davis was ecstatic about this vintage, which combined an excellent Alexander Valley growing season with Jordan’s new direction for fruit sourcing. Enticing aromas of blackberry, cassis, oak spices and cedar carry through a textured, silky palate with smooth tannins from French oak aging. The 2009 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon is still showing some youthful acidity and dark fruit after years of age. Enjoy 750mL bottles through 2028, 1.5L bottles through 2034 and 3L bottles through 2042.

2012 jordan cabernet

2012 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

2012 was truly a phenomenal growing season, resulting in one of the most complex Jordan Cabernet Sauvignons to date. The vintage validated Jordan’s decision to elevate the black-fruit intensity in the wines without abandoning the house style, culminating in an incredibly complex, balanced wine. The 2012 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon has concentrated aromas of blackberries and black cherries with an inviting hint of cedar. Its silky palate is plush yet poised, boasting a beautiful balance of black fruit and fine tannin structure. The finish is lively, lingering and laced with ripe dark fruits. The wine tastes incredible in magnum now and will continue to reward collectors for decades.

2013 jordan cabernet

2013 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

One of the warmest, driest and earliest growing seasons on record, 2013 had moderate weather throughout summer, allowing the grapes to develop intense, concentrated flavors with lots of structure. Exceptionally rich and complex, the wine has intense aromas of cassis, black currants, blackberries and ripe cherries with a lovely floral note. The palate is rich and seductive, with concentrated flavors of blackberries and cassis, interwoven with fine tannins from new French oak barrels. Its masculine structure is harnessed by a balance of acidity and dark fruits with a long, cassis-laced finish. This is a highly collectible vintage to be enjoyed now or cellared through 2032.

2014 jordan cabernet

2014 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

The third in a string of exceptional vintages, the 2014 is an opulent yet elegant wine that captures the essence of Alexander Valley. This balanced, Bordeaux-style wine’s perfume of blackberries and black cherries mingles with subtle oak notes. The palate has a velvety richness that coats the mouth in concentrated flavors of blackberries and cassis, laced with fine tannins from seamlessly integrated, new French oak. Enticing flavors of chocolate, violets and dark fruits linger on the long finish. Enjoy now or cellar through 2033.

2016 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

The even years in the last decade continue to impress us. Even though 2016 flaunts our hallmark silky-smooth style at an early age, this vintage has the fine tannins, intense fruit and acid backbone to live for 20-30 years in 750mL bottles. Black cherries, black currants and spice box notes carry from the aromas through the palate. The silky tannins lead to lingering black cherry notes on the long finish. Combining elegance and intensity, 2016 is a fitting vintage to celebrate 40 years of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. Decant for 30 minutes if enjoying now, or cellar through 2035. **This wine does not release until May 1, 2020. It will, however, be available on pre-sale in February 2020.**

Jordan’s oldest vintage wines—especially those from the 1970s, 1980s and into the mid-`90s—are not listed for sale on Jordan’s website due to limited quantities. For current availability information, please call us at 800-654-1213 or email us, if you can’t find the wine online.


Fun Things to Do in Healdsburg: Find The Best Jordan Experience Infographic

We know how it is when you’re trying to find fun things to do in Healdsburg. Some days, you’re all about the wine; others, you just want to get outside among the vines. Here at Jordan, we offer an array of experiences by appointment to satisfy the outdoor, food or wine lover in you. To help you find the Jordan wine experience that’s best for you, we created this “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style infographic. Peruse your options, from casual tastings to guided hikes to culinary immersion.

A formal library wine tasting in Jordan’s cellar room leads you down the road to vinous exploration, an epicurean excursion among the hills of our Alexander Valley estate vineyard will delight all your senses, and bring friends to special events like our Vineyard Hikes and Big Bottle Dinner Party at the vine-covered Winery Château to have the experience of the year. Whatever your mood, we’ve got you covered.

Fun Things to Do in Healdsburg: Find Your Jordan Wine Experience Infographic

Fun Things to do in Healdsburg at Jordan Infographic

More information about private food and wine pairings can be found in the Jordan Estate Rewards loyalty program overview on our website.

Dinner parties, hikes and other lunches can be found on the Jordan Winery events calendar.

All tours and tastings are available to be booked online the Jordan Winery visit page with CellarPass.

Jordan Winery Compilation Video: Celebrating 10 Years of Bloopers & Wine Videos

And just like that–it’s been 10 years since Jordan Winery launched its in-house video storytelling program and started shooting. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way. Our first video premiered on January 15, 2010. Our videos have evolved from talking heads, diaries and how-to demonstrations into music video parodies, party invitations and more.

In the spirit of nostalgia, we’ve created a compilation video featuring 10 years of video bloopers, outtakes and highlights. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Do you have a favorite Jordan video? If so, please leave us a comment. We look forward to sharing more funny anniversary videos with you in 2020. Happy holidays to all of you.

A Farewell Letter from Rob Davis (Jordan Winemaker, 1976-2019)

When I was hired by the brand new and unknown Jordan Winery in 1976, who knew that my six-week internship would last more than 43 years? My whole life has been well-defined by serendipity. Born to wonderful parents that provided a nice stepping stone to the University of California at Davis, I arrived at college with the plan of being pre-med but was paired with a fun-loving roommate who was majoring in enology. I had no idea that the competitive mecca for future doctors was also the home of one of the great schools for viticulture and winemaking. Friendships with fellow students, as well as professors, became eternal.

After college graduation, it was a most serendipitous moment to have met Tom and Sally Jordan, who introduced me to André Tchelistcheff, one of the most amazing persons I have ever met— someone who left a profound and everlasting imprint on my life. With more than 50 harvests of experience, André immersed me in his European approach to winemaking rather than the more conventional style that was lauded by the local critics. From the first vintage of 1976, the Jordans chose the lofty goal of a less common wine style: a style to rival the great grands crus of Bordeaux and later Burgundy. In the process of crafting the wines for Tom and Sally Jordan, as a winemaker, I was greatly challenged by the terroir of the estate fruit from our valley floor vineyard off Lytton Station Road. We prevailed in the cellar, however, and the wines were well-received. Again, serendipity presented itself in the change of command in 2005. With John Jordan’s assent to opt for vineyards with better terroir, I was in heaven. I was able to apply all those lessons I learned in the vineyard with André. In the benchlands and hills of Alexander Valley, there were promising vineyards that could produce the intense fruit flavors that would be the base of a wine that could be favorably compared to a truly great Bordeaux. I felt so lucky to have the support of John to choose all of our grape sources. I am so thankful to the Jordan family, and especially for the last 14 years, working with John and a great team of winemakers to craft wines that are lauded for their elegance and balance.

Similar to wines that age, time does not stand still. With enormous pride, I am happy to see a winemaking team that has prospered for many years, and with their advanced winemaking skills, it is time for me to allow the room for this team to continue to grow. The truth is that I feel nothing but gratitude to the Jordan family for trusting me with their winemaking for four decades. Maggie Kruse has grown into an excellent winemaker, and I fully expect the wines to be even better under her supervision. Winemakers are very control-oriented; we have to be, and after 43 years of calling the shots, it was time to embark on a new journey of learning. I felt it was important that Maggie have complete control of all the winemaking and so much of winemaking is being out with the grape growers. All the growers love Maggie, and she will become even better in the vineyards and the wines will prosper under her exacting command. Certainly, 43 years as a winemaker for one family is very rare, and the fact that Maggie worked with me for 13 years is ample experience for her to take the helm. With Maggie and her team, along with our amazing growers, Jordan wine will get even better; indeed the future is very bright for Jordan Winery. And I feel I am leaving on a very high note—2019 was perhaps the best year I witnessed for fruit that had such intensity and balance; it’s truly an extraordinary vintage.

I am reminded of an observation by the Roman poet, Horace, “When one looks into a glass of water, they see one’s own face. But when one looks into a glass of wine, they see the heart of another.” So true. My career at Jordan has brought me many wonderful friends. And the constant yearning to learn more has not waned. In departing each time on his visits to Jordan, André would remark, “Every day I learn something new, my dear Sir.” Even at 90 years old, he shared his inquisitive nature with me. Earlier this year, I was at a wine conference in Cortina, Italy, and a winemaker from Sicily enthusiastically shared two of his wines with me: one from vines grown at the base of Mt. Etna on volcanic soil, the other from a vineyard closer to the ocean on alluvial soil. With more 1,000 varieties in Italy alone, I realize how vast the wine world is. There are so many different approaches to winemaking. My next journey follows André’s many lessons and desires of obtaining more knowledge. And if you ever met André, you could never move fast enough. Whether it was racking a tank or making an amendment to a wine lot, he would say, “You just got to, Man!” And I hear his voice today. I have many places to visit and friends to see, more lessons to learn; “I just got to!”

Whenever I open a bottle of Jordan, it will always be about the memories—of the growing season, the vineyards, the growers, my team, our coworkers, colleagues and our customers. I feel so blessed with so many great memories of times with all of you. God bless you all!

Our 2019 Grape Harvest Report & Scenes from Sonoma Crush

Mother Nature certainly put on a show for the Sonoma crush of 2019. It was a growing season bookended by flooding and wildfire—neither of which had a negative impact on our vineyards but branded the 2019 vintage as truly historical. I didn’t expect my first harvest as head winemaker to be filled with such twists and turns, but I’m very excited about the 2019 wines now resting in our oak tanks. Both the chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon tanks are showstoppers. Here’s a look at the 2019 growing season, our 2019 grape harvest and my first impressions of the wines.

vineyard bud in spring, jordan cabernet
A late bud break for Alexander Valley cabernet sauvignon at Munselle Vineyards on April 3, 2019.

2019 Grape Growing Season Start

After record-breaking rainfall in the winter, a relatively cool spring followed, delaying bud break into late March and early April. With a later bud break and cool temperatures, we were on trend for a normal start time for harvest—well into September rather than the August harvest starts we experienced during the drought years. The biggest surprise early in the 2019 growing season was the two inches of rainfall in early May; this was very unseasonable for Northern California. Fortunately, many vineyards had not begun flowering due to the cool spring, so yields were not significantly impacted for chardonnay or Bordeaux varieties. With average temperatures throughout the summer, the grapes progressed very nicely.

Russian River Valley chardonnay grapes hanging on the vine before veraison
Russian River Valley chardonnay grapes before veraison.

Sacrificing Quantity for Flavor

By June, we could see that quite a heavy crop had formed, so we made an aggressive pass throughout the vineyards to drop any clusters that were falling behind their counterparts in maturity. This practice of thinning after fruit set is a sacrifice of quantity for flavor, allowing the vines to focus their energy on continuing to grow a more balanced, albeit smaller crop. In August during veraison, when the grapes start to turn color and soften, we went through each vineyard block again and dropped any clusters that were unevenly ripening and behind in maturity.

veraison, cabernet grapes changing color, jordan winery
Cabernet sauvignon grapes begin color change on July 31, 2019.

Optimal Harvest Timing for White and Red Grapes

During August vineyard visits, we noticed that our chardonnay grapes in Russian River Valley, in terms of maturity, were significantly ahead of the red grapes in Alexander Valley. Our winemaking team always prefers to harvest the majority of the chardonnay grapes before the cabernet harvest begins, so we can focus on picking and crushing the chardonnay long before dawn and turn our attention on tasting chardonnay juice and making barrel decisions. If the white and red grapes are ready to pick at the same time, we crush chardonnay at night and immediately move right into red grapes throughout the day. Some years, we get lucky where all of the chardonnay vineyards are ready to pick at the same time, and 2019 was one of those years. We began pressing the chardonnay grapes at 3 a.m. on September 12. When we tasted the first press sample of cold, crisp juice with intense fuji apple characters, we knew 2019 was going to be a great year for Jordan Chardonnay. The condition of the fruit was so beautiful with hardly any sunburn, so minimal fining was needed, and we simply let the purity of the fruit shine through. We finished the vast majority of the chardonnay pressing in six consecutive nights before the move into crushing the merlot and cabernet sauvignon. The pace of Sonoma crush 2019 was quite ideal–at first.

chardonnay grapes during night harvest for jordan winery
Night-harvesting chardonnay grapes on September 23, 2019.

Mother Nature put on another show during harvest, and there was definitely a first and second act with a beautifully timed intermission, giving us time to make space in the fermentation room. Even the outside temperatures shifted dramatically in the middle of harvest. On September 25, the high was 103 degrees, and the next day, the high was only 69 degrees. Ready for Mother Nature’s second act, we began crushing merlot, the incredible fruit flavors and intensity had us all celebrating for what would be the second outstanding harvest in a row, where the weather was cooperating, the fruit tasted incredible, and the yields were above average.

drone view of cabernet sauvignon harvest at munselle
Scenes from the cabernet sauvignon harvest at Munselle Vineyards on October 2, 2019.

A Shift in Weather During Sonoma Crush 2019

As lead winemaker for the first time during harvest, I was both grateful and incredulous as I watched the weather reports, forecasting ideal temperatures for ripening grapes with no rain in sight. As the fruit came rolling into the winery in early October, we were notified of our first red flag warning where temperatures are warm, the humidity was incredibly low and the winds are dangerously high. Power shut-offs were also announced, but our Director of Operations Tim Spence was well prepared; he and his team filled up the water tank to supply our cellar cleaning needs, purchased extra fuel for the generators and switched all winery power over to our generators. Many of our growers called to confirm we could still continue with our regularly scheduled picks, and we assured them our generator was working well and we could keep on crushing. Many wineries in Alexander Valley do not have generators with enough power to run the crush equipment, so when some wineries were forced to cancel picks, our harvest dates were moved up in order to keep the vineyard crews busy. Surprisingly, the first power outage was beneficial for Jordan’s 2019 vintage, allowing our growers to pick grapes even faster than the normal pace, since they had all crews working on our blocks.

cabernet grapes being dumped onto gondola for jordan winery
A sunrise harvest for Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon at Munselle Vineyards on October 2, 2019.

The last of the grapes from Jordan’s 2019 crush made their way to the hopper on October 17. A few days after the commencement of harvest, we were again warned of a second planned power outage, but we already knew our generator could supply our pumps and presses with enough power, so we thought it would be business as usual. Mother Nature had other plans. On October 23, around 10 p.m., the Kincade fire started in a mountainous area several miles northeast of the winery, and the high winds quickly carried it into the heart of the Alexander Valley in Geyserville, putting many of our growers at risk. Our main concern was for the safety of the families that live on the properties, their homes and their farm animals and pets. Vineyards are a natural firebreak, so we knew the majority of the grapevines would be okay. Roads were quickly closed into Alexander Valley, but a small crew of us got around the barricade near the winery entrance before sunrise, so we could pump the tanks over and immediately close the tank lids to protect them from any smoke that would move toward Healdsburg. Even though the fire was still six miles from the winery and the wind was blowing from east to west, we couldn’t keep the ambient smoke from entering the cellar, so we were judicious about limiting the time each tank was open to ensure that smoke did not get into the tanks and taint the wine.

jordan winery stainless steel fermentation tanks
The fermentation room at Jordan Winery.

A few days later, there was another high wind advisory, and winds were expected to be even higher than before. With a fire still burning in the rural mountains of Alexander Valley, authorities took no risks, and a mandatory evacuation was issued for all of Geyserville, Healdsburg and Windsor. Jordan Winery and the Jordan family residences were now in the evacuation zone. These are all towns are where the majority of our employees live, including myself. We all evacuated to different areas in the Bay Area—John Jordan and I were both at different hotels in San Francisco—but Tim Spence and his family decided to stay on property (while evacuated from their Windsor home). He kept the generators running and assisted first responders, giving them a place to rest and showing them the lake and the different private roads on the property that could aid in fighting wildfires. The first night was a nail-biter, as the fire threw embers all the way to West Soda Rock Lane, a dirt road that borders Jordan Estate to the east, but the firefighters fought back, and the fire continued to burn southeast, never reaching Jordan or the town of Healdsburg. (Read John Jordan’s blog about the harrowing week of the Kincade fire.)

pump over of wine tank with wine glass
Tank sample tasting while a pump-over occurs in the background.

Desperately Seeking Pump-Overs

Evacuated with my family, I grew incredibly anxious. I knew we had done everything we could to avoid smoke taint in the wines, but we had two actively fermenting tanks that were in serious need of a pump-over to cool down the cap and blow off carbon dioxide—the byproduct of fermentation. Tim offered to help pump-over the tanks, and I was so grateful. We spoke on the phone and went over the quick logistics of how to conduct a pump-over, which Tim had watched a million times during his three decades working at Jordan, but never had done one himself. When Tim texted me that both tanks had been pumped-over, I replied, “How did they smell?” Tim’s response? “Delicious.” That was all I needed to hear! After three days of being glued to my iPhone while Tim pumped the tanks over for winemaking, I was able to obtain an agricultural pass for four of us to enter the evacuation zone and return to the winery: assistant winemaker John Duckett, our South African intern, cellar worker Dennis Luz and me. When we arrived at the winery, I quickly went through all of the tanks and assessed them, and they all smelled fantastic, albeit in desperate need of a pump-over. A day later, the mandatory evacuations were lifted, and our incredible cellar team returned to work and began pressing non-stop until we finished.

The 2019 vintage was quite the baptism for my first year as lead winemaker; it will definitely be a harvest I will never forget for many reasons, but when I think of the vintage as a whole, I can’t help but smile with a great sense of relief. I am relieved that our growers are safe with minimal damage to their properties. I am relieved that I have my first harvest as lead winemaker under my belt, and most importantly, I am relieved the wines are absolutely delicious.

Jordan Winery, our Grape Growers and the Kincade Fire

We have been humbled by the outpouring of support from our customers during the Kincade Fire. Your emails, calls and messages reminded us of how strong the love of Jordan is at the time when we needed it most.

I’m happy to report that Jordan Winery, our estate, our farm animals, and all of our employees and grape growers are safe. We are excited to resume Tours & Tastings and wine shipments today, and we look forward to sharing a toast to the firefighters and first responders with you. One of the ways you can help our community recover is to visit Healdsburg and see how beautiful wine country is right now, and uncork Alexander Valley wines this holiday season.

The end of October was an extremely stressful and challenging for the Sonoma County community, as the wildfire grew and spread for a week across the mountains and valleys east of the towns of Geyserville, Healdsburg and Windsor. The good news is that the Kincade Fire of 2019 was far less destructive than the Tubbs Fire of 2017. Not a single life was lost because of this fire; unfortunately, two Jordan employees suffered smoke damage to their homes, and one Jordan grower lost four houses on his ranches. Cal Fire reports that 374 structures (including 174 homes) were destroyed—compared to more than 5,643 structures (2,834 homes) two years ago. This is all thanks to the tireless work of thousands of firefighters who rushed from near and far to fight the flames—including a former Jordan employee, Jason Ius, who once worked in our facilities department and left to become a firefighter. He was part of a strike team that rushed to a spot fire that broke out on the southeastern border of Jordan Estate around 3 a.m. on October 27. Needless to say, I’m not sure anyone who lives in the area could sleep that night. We were all glued to our phones, expecting the worst. The next day, Director of Ranch Operations Brent Young sent us a photo of our cows, grazing in the morning sun while the fire still burned south of us, along with photos of the winery still standing, untouched, and the lawns still vibrant green. Later, Jason sent me a text with a photo, saying that they weren’t about to let that fire cross West Soda Rock Lane into Jordan. Those guys are our heroes, and we look forward to giving them a heroes’ thank you at Jordan soon.

Jordan Winery cows with Kincade Fire in background
The Jordan cows roam as the Kincade Fire burns to the south of Jordan Estate on October 27, 2019.

This fire was contained mostly to rural and remote parts of northeastern Sonoma County, so it’s important to realize that all of the charming wine country towns you love to visit are completely safe. The entire city of Healdsburg received no damage, apart from a few farms on the eastern outskirts of town. The heart of Windsor and almost all if its neighborhoods were spared, though some homes burned in Shiloh Ridge and Chalk Hill areas east of town. Downtown Geyserville was also spared. Sonoma County is a vast, beautiful place, and less than 7 percent of the county burned in the Kincade fire—land primarily in the wooded mountain range of the Mayacamas between Sonoma and Napa counties. The news headlines always paint a grim picture, but it’s important to remember that, from a tourist’s perspective, all but one of the wine country roads typically traveled are open and just as picturesque as ever.

Jordan Winery entrance in fall
The fall foliage in full color at Jordan Winery on November 1, 2019.

About 92 percent of the Sonoma County grape harvest was complete before the fire, so only a small percent of Sonoma County vineyards were impacted by the fire (about 50 acres of more than 14,000 in the Alexander Valley Winegrowers report), but that means there were still losses for some. Reports indicate that up to 20 percent of the Alexander Valley’s grapes may have not been harvested before the fire. Many families, farms and wineries in the Alexander Valley benchlands and hillsides east and southeast of Geyserville faced the fury of the fire on its first and fourth nights, respectively. The area east of Geyserville is affectionately called the “Cote de Jordan” because so many of the vineyards for Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon are clustered in this one area. (All of our grapes had been harvested before the fire.)

We are relieved that none of our growers lost their homes, though some did have to fight the fire in the middle of the night to save their homes and their businesses. One grower, the Miller family who owns Garden Creek Vineyards & Winery, lost their vineyard workers’ residence, three rental houses and half of their remaining Cabernet Sauvignon crop—the fruit they keep for themselves to bottle their own wine. (Read Sara Schneider’s feature story in Robb Report about the Miller’s fire fight.) Another grower, Bret Munselle of Munselle Vineyards, witnessed the fire burning right through his ranch; he lost a newly planted hillside vineyard (too young to survive the fire) and all of its underground piping. The Mazzoni family, who just built their own winery a few years ago, watched the fire burn all the way downhill to the fence behind their family home before it stopped. Jeff Horowitz of Rio Lago Ranch and Vineyards has his own water truck and stayed behind to defend his home and property; he evacuated around 3 a.m. when it was unsafe to stay and returned the next day to find his home, barn, vineyards and farm animals untouched, even though all four corners of his ranch burned. (He did lose two sheds near the Russian River edge of his property.) Damage to our grower vineyards has been reported as minimal with only a few vines at the edge being singed, though irrigation lines need to be replaced, which are not covered by insurance. Grapevines hold a lot of water, so they do not easily burn and hinder the progression of a fire. The plants that provide our livelihood as winemakers also save homes and lives; they are excellent natural firebreaks.

Miller Family of Garden Creek Vineyards in their Olive Hill vineyard
The Miller family of Garden Creek Vineyards, in their Olive Hill Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, a prized source for Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon. Photo by Matt Armendariz, August 2014.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be focusing energy on helping these grape grower families recover from this wildfire. Much clean-up will be needed before the next growing season. Thankfully, the fall rains should be coming soon, and we have 7-8 months to get this work done.

Many of you have been asking us how you can help our community recover, and we greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity for Alexander Valley. As soon as we have more information on how you can specifically help the Garden Creek vineyard worker families, we will share that information. Here are a few other suggestions:

  • Join the Garden Creek mailing list and request an allocation of their wines.
  • Join the annual Jordan Winery toy drive. We will be buying toys for children in rural Alexander Valley who lost their homes in addition to other local children in need. You can drop off gift cards or unwrapped toys at the winery before December 10. Email us if you’d like to ship a donation.
  • Donate to the Sonoma County Grape Growers Foundation, whose programs specifically help agriculture employees recover from wildfire disasters.
  • Buy the Mazzoni family wines from Zialena Winery.
  • Donate to Sonoma Family Meal, which has been feeding local wildfire victims since 2017.
  • Donate to Corazón Healdsburg, a community-based recovery effort.
  • Donate to the United Way of Wine Country’s Kincade Fire Emergency Relief & Recovery Fund.

Jordan Director of Operations Tim Spence, who suffered smoke damage to his home and fire damage to his yard, has moved into a guest house at Jordan. We’ve made sure he, his wife and their dog have a comfortable place to live during the smoke treatment process. Christopher Washington, who works part-time for Nitsa Knoll (our events director), has also been displaced, and Nitsa is helping he and his family secure temporary housing.

Healdsburg-based journalist Linda Murphy put together a comprehensive list of Alexander Valley wineries impacted for Sonoma magazine. Unfortunately, two wineries were destroyed in southeastern Alexander Valley—the historic Soda Rock Winery and Field Stone Winery. It is both heartbreaking and relieving that only a few wineries were damaged out of more than 40 in the valley. Our thoughts are with the Wilsons, the Jacksons and their employees during this difficult time, and we were relieved to read that their 2019 vintages are safe. Coping with and recovering from a wildfire is extremely difficult, as several of our employees know from 2017, but Sonoma County is filled with strong, passionate and resilient people—they are the secret ingredient in all of our wines—so we will get through this.

Jordan Estate southeast corner from West Soda Rock Road
The southeastern corner of Jordan Estate on October 27. Photo by firefighter Jason Ius.

From a winemaking perspective, it was a nail-biting week between the evacuation and power outages. Jordan finished our 2019 harvest five days before the fire broke out, so all our wines were safe in the fermentation room or our oak tanks. The 2019 wines are stunning with bright, intense fruit and very smooth, elegant tannins in the Cabernet Sauvignon—perfect for the Jordan house style. We have a very large generator to power the entire winery, so we were able to maintain temperature for the wines throughout this ordeal—though our operations director did receive a FaceTime crash course on how to do a pump-over from our winemaker, who was evacuated and could not reach the winery to perform the two pump-overs on schedule for this week. More than 90 percent of the harvest was complete in Sonoma County before the fire, so fortunately, there will be very little impact on the quality or quantity of 2019 wines overall. It’s been all hands on deck in the fermentation room since the evacuation was lifted on Thursday; our cellar crew is working nonstop until every tank of 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon is pressed.

hands stained with red wine
Cellar worker Ivan Gonzalez’s purple hands in the Jordan fermentation room on November 1, 2019.

We encourage you to continue supporting the Alexander Valley wine community by visiting wine country this fall, winter and/or next year. Your vacations to the area help not only the wineries, but all of the residents of Geyserville, Windsor and Healdsburg who work at our area tasting rooms, hotels, restaurants and shops.

We look forward to seeing you at Jordan soon to raise a toast to the firefighters who fought the fire—and to the growers whose vineyards helped stop the flames from advancing further—both helped save Northeastern Sonoma County.