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See Inside a Wine Barrel: Chardonnay Batonnage Winemaking Demonstration Video

Have you ever wanted to see what happens inside a wine barrel? You’re not alone. That’s why we created a special see-through wine barrel filled with Jordan Chardonnay, which allows our guests to see sur lie aging and the old-world winemaking art of batonnage first-hand. See this barrel during the Jordan Estate Tour & Tasting, trade tours and on rainy days when the Winery Tour & Tasting spends more time in the barrel room.

Batonnage, or stirring of the lees, is practiced judiciously for every vintage of Jordan Chardonnay. By stirring the chardonnay lees by hand, we release compounds from the dying yeast cells into the wine, which contribute to a creamy, smoother mouthfeel. These compounds help to integrate the oak flavors into the wine and soften the oak barrel’s tannins.

Video Blog Post: Learn More Battonage and Sur Lie Aging


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