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Dallas Artists Help Us Celebrate 40th Anniversary

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Texas artists wanted for a chance to win up to $5,000 in cash prizes

In honor of its 40th anniversary in 2012, iconic California vintner Jordan Vineyard & Winery has created the 4 on 4 Art Competition, a four-city initiative that challenges local artists to create a commemorative work of art that blends the elegance of Jordan wines with the flavor of each city. Rising Gallery will orchestrate the 4 on 4 Dallas competition locally; an art exhibition and Jordan wine tasting event, hosted by D Magazine, will be held April 24.

Over the years, the Jordans have commissioned artists to capture the beauty of the winery chateau through the seasons—its ivy-draped façade, window boxes sprouting spring flowers, the antique clock above a sweeping balcony. To celebrate a special dual anniversary this spring—both the founding of the winery and second-generation vintner John Jordan’s 40th birthday—Jordan Vineyard & Winery is bringing wine country to Texas artists in their own backyard, challenging talented professionals to create a special work of art that combines the essence of Jordan with Dallas’s distinct flavors of culture, food and design.

John Jordan and his family have deep connections to the Dallas area. John’s father started his career in the oil business and had an office in Dallas. “I love visiting friends in the Metroplex area,” said John Jordan, chief executive officer and proprietor of Jordan Vineyard & Winery. “I often stop in Fort Worth on my way to the east coast just to eat barbecue at the Railhead. My Texan friends have even inspired me to start raising cattle on the Jordan Estate.”

A panel of expert judges—including Peter Simek, arts editor for D Magazine; Veletta Lill, executive director of Dallas Arts District; Susan Roth Romans, owner and curator at Ro2 Art; Cris Worley, director of Cris Worley Fine Arts; Dawn Neufeld, a star on VH1’s “Football Housewives“; and James Beard Award-nominated chef and restaurateur Kent Rathbun—will select the top three works of art that meet the competition criteria. Top three winners receive cash prize awards: a grand award ($5,000), first runner-up ($2,000) and second runner-up ($1,000).


In addition to cash prizes, winning artists will be featured in an art exhibition, publicity campaigns and Jordan 40th anniversary commemorative gifts. The winning work of art will be transformed into a limited-edition piece for Jordan’s Dallas/Fort Worth customers.

The deadline for submissions for the 4 on 4 Dallas competition is April 12, 2012, at 5 p.m. CST. Artists must live and work in Dallas/Forth Worth metropolitan area to be eligible. A complete list of competition guidelines can be found on the 4 on 4 Dallas webpage.


“We are excited that Jordan Winery selected Rising Gallery for their 40th anniversary art program,” said Bryan Wetz, co-founder of Rising Gallery. “Rising Gallery is looking forward to working with other local galleries and artists to showcase the best of the Dallas art scene.”

A collection of the top competition entries will be unveiled at 4 on 4 Top 25, a public exhibition and Jordan wine tasting event, which will be held April 24, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Rising Gallery. Hosted by D Magazine, the event will also feature a people’s choice award for the top artwork selected by event guests. The 4 on 4 Top 25 event is complimentary and open to the public. RSVP is required at eventbrite.

For more information about 4 on 4 Dallas, click here.

For more information about the 4 on 4 Art Competition, please visit our national news release.

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Inspired by the masterful wine, food and hospitality of France, Tom and Sally Jordan followed their hearts from Colorado to California’s bourgeoning wine country in 1972. That spring, they signed the deed on their first piece of land in Alexander Valley on the very same day their son, John, was born. They quickly planted their first vineyard with a vision for creating a singular Cabernet Sauvignon that could rival the finest wines of Bordeaux. When the first vintage of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon debuted, it was an immediate success due to its elegance and early approachability, as well as its affinity for food. The Jordan family has spent the last four decades quietly building a reputation for relentless quality, graceful ageability and remarkable consistency vintage after vintage. For more information, visit www.jordanwinery.com.

Brothers Bryan & Taber Wetz founded RISING in 2008 to represent artists they believed deserved gallery representation in Dallas. Rising has quickly grown into a contemporary gallery representing a stable of artists from across the country, while maintaining representation of regional and local artists in the Dallas community. Recently, the gallery relocated to downtown Dallas in a historic building nestled between the new Omni Convention Center Hotel and Dallas’s historic West End. For more information, please visit www.risinggallery.com.

Founded in 1974, D Magazine is a monthly magazine covering business, food, fashion and lifestyle in the city of Dallas. D Magazine has been named the “Best City Magazine” in the nation three times by the City and Regional Magazine Association and has also won five Press Club of Dallas Katie Awards. D Magazine also publishes D Home, D CEO, Dallas/Fort Worth Medical Directory, D Weddings, Private School Handbook, and FrontBurner®, a daily weblog written by D Magazine editors and selected guest bloggers. The most recent additions to D Magazine’s suite of websites include the D Weddings blog, Bridal Buzz, and Shop Talk. For more information, visit www.dmagazine.com.


Jordan Winery Wants You to Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary With Them | SideDish

[…] Jordan Vineyard & Winery created the 4on4 Dallas Art Competition in order to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Local artists rose to the challenge of blending Jordan Wines with city flavor, and their pieces will be judged at an art exhibition/wine tasting event on Tuesday, April 24th at RISING Gallery from 6 to 9 PM. The expert judges include Chef Kent Rathbun and our very own FrontRow arts editor Peter Simek. (D is hosting the event.) […]


Mr. Simek, I happen to be the artist, Rolando Diaz, which you purposely ridiculed as you spoke about the International Film Festival last year, when I was selected as the “artist in residence” for this great annual event. It so happens that I did not see or read the article you wrote until very recently. Actually, in all of the social circles I run in and with all the events I have done for over 21 years in the city of Dallas, your name HAS NEVER been mentioned, so I have no idea who you are, except obviously for a mediocre writer, who’s pen is surely downsizing a good magazine like “D”.
Your opinions caught me by surprise in that none of what you said was accurate!
It’s always fascinating to me to see the different types of writers that exist. You are not the first writer to write about me or my art, YOU ARE FORTUNATE enough to have crossed my path, and my Godly gift of painting giving you something interesting to write about and possibly paying your salary.  I have had some sophisticated writers comment on my work previously.
To me there are two types of writers. 1) there’s the writer who from the start of his pen touching the paper, reflects an egotistical, uneducated, self absorbed individual who’s words are empty, without research or understanding. Very much like a child that just babbles on. This type of writer doesn’t write for the purpose of really covering any form of good information about anything but instead, writes in order to bring a spotlight on himself by using his pen to ridicule, fascinate, shock…..mostly sensationalism. It’s the type of writer who just wants to get by quickly without having to work at it  2) the other type of writer is one who looks at the situation, analyses it carefully, researches well, then he/she writes intelligently, and with care puts down words that have meaning and substance even when being critical. Obviously you fall into the number one catorgory. Notice I made that number one because I knew that would please your ego!
Let me break down some of the statements you made:
1) “…..undermine the festival’s critical integrity. This guy and his “Euforia” gig is the sorriest excuse for an artistic experience this side of Yanni,  Live at the Acropolis. The state of Dallas’ visual arts scene is too good to broadcast such bad taste to the world through fest.”
Just to give you some history….not only had I performed previously at The Nasher but had personally met Mr. Nasher and his lovely daughter, and had the premier of the PBS Documentary, Recapturing Cuba, about my life, at the Nasher, The Modern in Ft. Worth and a live performance at the ATT Plaza by the American Airlines Center with approximately 2,000 in attendance. I was also fortunate to do this so called “GIG” for President Bush when he stepped down from the presidency, at a special event in Lubbock Texas. Not to mention performing this “GIG” for The Gathering of the Titans in Boston, at the annual meeting of great minds who have had great financial success, also at Bass Hall, The Meyerson, and the Waldorf Astoria in New York to mention a few. It seems that those individuals present, did not have the same opinion as yours. What is even more fascinating is that the Premier issue of “D” Home, by request, had a 5 page article on my work and it was highly complimentary years ago. I was also featured two more times in “D” Magazine, and those writers were also very complimentary of the work.
It seems to me that you are standing on an island alone that is very quickly sinking!
2) “…Friday’s honors dinner I was greeted by the excruciating train wreck of an auction of Diaz’s painting…….”
So your empty brain gets a better understanding of the situation, my work has auctioned off in many amazing places which you will not ever be greeted at or invited to, in fact, you say “greeted” in your last statement. Who in the world would want to greet you? much less see your face at all? but let’s get off that for now and move on……..
The ex mayor of our city, Ron Kirk, asked me along with a committee to do a work of art to raise funds for the City of Dallas, as they renovated The Pegasus downtown in 2000. Not only did Gloria Campos did a great job of auctioneering the work of art at the Tower Club, but Paul Harris of the renown Hoblitzel Foundation bid and purchased it for $25,000 and told me later personally, that he would have bid as high as $42,000 for the work. I have raised more funds for organizations not only here in Dallas but in many cities across the nation and internationally. More than you will ever make in your lifetime. I have collectors both nationally and internationally who have bid on my work including Courtney Rainwater, the daughter of Richard Rainwater, who owns 6 works.
3) “….Diaz said he would paint another piece in “two or Three hours” (I guess he just whips those mofos out) for the second bidder…..”
Since its obvious that you have no formal art training or really any kind of understanding at all of art, why would you be assigned to this task to write in any magazine? let me give you a quick art history lesson…….in order for an artist like myself to be able to produce a work of caliber within an hour, I have spent years and years painting in an studio in order to paint something in that amount of time. So really it doesn’t take one or two hours, but 35 or more years of practice in order to achieve it. You on the other hand would not have a clue as to what that means, since you have been too busy ridiculing as a little child whose marbles were taken from him, and goes to the corner angry to pout!! stop pouting and learn something before you speak….you moron!!!!!!!!!
Some of the great works of art you may have seen at a museum, (do you know what that is?) have works of art created under an hour by great artists.
4) ….when Peter Fonda eventually took the podium, he posed an interesting, if somewhat question: “What about the hat – are we going to cut it up in half?”
First of all, the auctioneer, without my consent took the initiative to bid off my hat. That hat, was a gift which I never had any intention of letting go. Besides the fact that Peter Fonda only said, what about the hat? in order to bring some humor to the room as he approached the podium, never heard him say anything about cutting it in half……..so once again you write some words without truth in order to cover your sad, writing capabilities…and no knowledge of a speaker using something previous at an event to tag on to for his intro. You would be the first person I would fire, in order to bring back some dignity to “D” Magazine. For the sake of the city and “D” I am definitely sending this letter to others ABOVE YOU to read. Your hand needs cutting off……you are an embarrasment to the city ad other writers.
Oh, and by the way, since you did not do your research, Museums do not risk inviting artist’s to have one man shows for the sake of the Museum’s reputation….it so happens I have exhibited in three.
Stop babbling like a baby….you might get SLAPPED……..not on your butt but your face!!
Rolando Diaz



Thanks for taking the time to write. I can see you are upset with Mr. Simek. Because this is a winery blog, I am not sure he will receive your message. He is a guest judge in our Dallas art competition. I would recommend leaving your note on Mr. Simek’s FrontRow blog over at D’s website if you have not.

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