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Guide for Aging, Buying and Serving Large-Format Wine Bottles with Infographic and Video Tips

Next time you bring wine to a party, go big. Large-format bottles are not only showy and exciting to share, they also age longer, slower and arguably better than standard-size bottles. This how-to video offers advice and tips for buying and serving big bottles of wine, and should have you reaching for that magnum for your next dinner party or reception. Our Big Bottle Planner infographic is a handy guide to help you calculate how many big bottles can be poured in lieu of standard 750mL, and which size of bottle is best for the total number of guests at your party. The Jordan family maintains one of the most comprehensive cellars of Cabernet Sauvignon library vintages in California, so if you have any other questions about big bottles, please leave us a comment. Happy entertaining!


looking for 6 lt or 18lt bottle in pittsburgh

Lisa Mattson


Someone from our team will reach out to you to assist with an order.

Thank you!


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