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Introducing the Jordan Estate Miniature Donkeys

photo of Jordan Winery donkeys sticking their heads through a wooden fence with image text: "Goose. Maverick"

Guests who visit Jordan to experience our new Estate Tour & Tasting will be greeted by Goose and Maverick–a pair of friendly, miniature donkeys–who joined our growing family of animals this summer.

The Jordans have a long history of adopting animals that need a happy home–everything from pygmy goats and wild boars to turtles, dogs and cats. Maverick arrived at Jordan Estate first, thanks to Director of Operations Tim Spence. He has a friend in Northern Sonoma County who raises donkeys, but soon after Maverick was born, he realized that he had too many animals to handle and hoped to find a good home for this one-year-old miniature.

John Jordan quickly decided that Maverick needed a friend, and we soon learned that, at this age, it was better for Maverick to be paired with another jack, or male donkey, not a jenny/female. Ranch Manager Brent Young found Goose, a three-year-old miniature donkey owned by a woman in the Central Valley of California who raises show donkeys. She also had too many, and decided Goose needed a new home.

You’re probably wondering why these little guys are named Maverick and Goose? Are most staffers at Jordan Top Gun fanatics? Well, yes. Many of us walk down the halls reciting quotes from Tom Cruise’s 1986 aviation drama film, but the truth is that John Jordan has been an avid pilot since he was a teenager, and when we hosted a contest on our Facebook page asking for suggestions on what we should name these jacks, Chelsea, one of our fans, suggested Maverick and Goose. She obviously knew about John Jordan’s love of flying–and the fact that Top Gun is one of his all-time favorite flicks.

We hope you’ll come visit us to experience our Estate Tour & Tasting, which debuts on September 5. Goose and Maverick look forward to greeting you.

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Videographer, photographer, writer and publicist. Find me on weekends trying to capture footage of the elusive Jordan Estate jack rabbits and turkeys.

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