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Montage Video: A Year in Wine Country with Jordan Vineyard & Winery

It’s amazing to think that more than one year has past since we debuted this video blog. On behalf of everyone at Jordan, thank you for watching our videos, reading our blog posts and joining us on our journey to share the arts of winemaking, viticulture and wine country hospitality.

To celebrate our anniversary, we created a montage video, which captures the seasons and scenes of Jordan Vineyard & Winery over the course of one year. We hope you enjoy these vignettes we’ve captured on video since winter 2010, and we look forward to sharing more stories, tips and behind-the-scenes wine country life with you in 2011. If you haven’t made your own journey to wine country recently, we hope you’ll visit us soon.


Hi, Lisa, It’s a very visually pleasing work of art that you did here! I’m also curious about a few things: ~1:50min what’s the process & the materials used to make the closing block for the barrel?; ~4:21min what’s the fire curing all about?; ~5:35min how’s the importance of color matching for the soil sample?; ~8min what are the ppl looking for in the grape conveyor belt?; ~8:30min, when should the cleaning/mixing be done & what’s the importance of this step?; ~9:18min what’s the name of the tube instrument called (used to sample direct from the barrel? & when/how frequent should that be done? What kind of irregularities that would be detected, & what to do next? Thanks to bear with my thousand questions, where the answers maybe obvious to the folks in the industry. I thought if you would like to consider adding these info to further engage your audience & make Jordan stands even further above the crowd in your consumer connection effort. I enjoy very much your beautiful video, in particular the closing clip shooting the smiles of the face ~9:21 min.


Thanks for your comment. I’m working on a barrel making video now and will go through your time stamp questions ASAP and send a thorough reply.


Hi Danny,
Here are the answers to your questions.
~1:50min – That is tallow, a type of wax. See our tallowing video blog post:
~4:21min – This is how wine barrels are toasted. Toasting gives the wood desirable flavors. See this week’s video on barrel making:
~5:35min – The Munsell soil chart is used by scientists to determine the content/type of a particular soil. or watch our soil mapping video:
~8min – The sorting table allows our staff to pull out grapes that are shriveled, sunburned, unevenly ripened (if applicable) or additional stems that are unwanted.
~8:30min – Those are the skins of the Cabernet grapes after the wine has been pumped out of the tank. The skins need to be removed so that more wine can be placed in the tank.
~9:18min – That is a thief. It is the common tool used by winemakers to pull wine from a barrel.

Austin Beeman

Really superb video. You guys seem to really understand this social media thing better than almost any winery I can think of.


Thanks so much for the kind comment, Austin!


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Videographer, photographer, writer and publicist. Find me on weekends trying to capture footage of the elusive Jordan Estate jack rabbits and turkeys.

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