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Once Upon a Vine ~ Jordan Halloween Party Photos

There once was a party at a chateau for wine.  So grand and so dark, with walls covered in vine.

The guests came in costume from tales so tall.  For fear of rejection by wearing nothing at all.

They drank and they ate things both savory and sweet. They danced and they played and they tired their feet.

25 Big Bad Wolves. 18 Little Red Riding Hoods. 10 Fairies. 6 Ravens. Those are just a few of the more than 350 revelers who descended on the Jordan Chateau last Saturday night dressed as characters from their darkest fairy tales.  View scenes from the 2015 Jordan Halloween party, Once Upon a Vine.


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Lisa Mattson

Videographer, photographer, writer and publicist. Find me on weekends trying to capture footage of the elusive Jordan Estate jack rabbits and turkeys.

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