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How to Prune Olive Trees and Reuse Olive Branch Cuttings

After Jordan vineyard team finishes pruning grapevines in winter, they turn their attention in March to pruning 18 acres of olive trees planted on hillsides near Jordan’s two lakes. It takes just one minute to prune a grapevine, but an olive tree—due to its size and number of branches—requires 10 minutes of grooming to create proper shaping and light exposure, which ensures efficient picking at harvest and better fertility the following year. In this video, our vineyard manager discusses how to prune olive trees and reuse olive branch cuttings.

Learn all about olive tree growing and how olive oil is made with our in-depth blog post.

Watch How to Prune Olive Trees Video Above


Paul Wells

Great video, I feel like professionals working in tree care services now, great info, thanks!

How Olive Oil is Made in Sonoma | How to Make Extra Virgin Olive Oil Video

[…] Although olive trees do not require pruning to produce fruit until they are very old (more than 50 years), but pruning younger trees is beneficial for shaping and allowing more light to penetrate the inner branches of the tree where fruit will grow. At Jordan Winery, we prune olive trees every 2-3 years to maintain a manageable size and height of the tree for harvesting. Otherwise, the trees will grow extremely tall and become unmanageable for pruners and olive pickers. Watch our video on how to prune an olive tree. […]


We have some olive trees on our property, so this video was very insightful…thanks!


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