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Seasons of the Vineyard at Jordan Winery | Decide the Best Time for California Wine Country Vacations

Watch Seasons of the Vineyard for California Wine Country Vacations Ideas on When to Visit Sonoma County

July is the month of peaceful transition in Sonoma County wine country. We watch the tourists arrive for their California wine country vacations and weekend getaways, and we wait patiently for the red wine grapes to change color in the vineyards, a process called veraison, when acids decrease and sugar levels rise. Summer is just one of the beautiful times to visit Sonoma County wineries. This wine education video, entitled “Seasons of the Vineyard,” gives you a glimpse into all spring, summer, fall and winter activities and weather you’d likely experience during your wine country vacation. If you have any questions about visiting wine country, feel free to leave a comment or visit our travel blog posts.

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