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Spring growing season video update from our garden
Behind the Scenes / April 9, 2010

Ideal spring weather in Alexander Valley has already afforded us an exciting harvest of lettuces, onions, strawberries and herbs, as well as near-perfect blooms on our fruit trees and impressive growth of our raspberry bushes. […]

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Pruning olive trees and reusing cuttings
Behind the Scenes / March 31, 2010

After the vineyard team finishes pruning grapevines each March, we move onto pruning 18 acres of olive trees planted on hillsides near Jordan’s two lakes. It takes just one minute to prune a grapevine, but an olive […]

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How to grow, harvest and cook white asparagus
Behind the Scenes / Eat & Drink / February 8, 2010

Ever wondered what the difference is between white and green asparagus? It’s not hard to grow white asparagus, but it does take a lot of dedication. On January 15, our white asparagus season arrived two […]

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Chef Todd’s sorbet tip: the Marcona kick stand
Behind the Scenes / Eat & Drink / February 2, 2010

When conceiving ideas for menus, we work backward: We start in the garden and at the store, taking inspiration from the seasonal fruits and vegetables available. The citrus season is at its peak, so beautiful, […]

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White asparagus arrives two months early
Behind the Scenes / Eat & Drink / January 15, 2010

In the Jordan estate garden, we focus on growing heirloom varieties and other fruits and vegetables that demand meticulous care. Our white asparagus arrived two months early this year (see winter garden post), so Sous Chef […]

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A winter growing season update from our organic garden
Behind the Scenes / January 15, 2010

The mild winters of Alexander Valley mean our organic gardens continue to afford us a weekly bounty of vegetables to inspire dishes for our guests. In this video, I discuss what’s growing this month in […]

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