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A record-breaking harvest for 2015 Jordan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Behind the Scenes / Featured / Photo Essays / What's New / December 22, 2015

After a whirlwind, record-breaking harvest, the 2015 Jordan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now resting in its tanks here in our cellars. In just 10 days, from November 3 to the 13th, our staff […]

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Star Wars Video Parody | Cab Wars: The Force of Harvest Awakens
Featured / Fun & Festive / What's New / October 5, 2015

By now, our fans know how much John Jordan loves Star Wars–so much so, he opted to host a Star Wars Halloween theme party last fall rather than choosing the more obvious timing in conjunction with the launch of […]

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2015 Harvest Update: Cabernet Sauvignon’s Home Stretch
Behind the Scenes / Featured / What's New / September 24, 2015

We are in the final phases of harvest for the 2015 vintage. As of last weekend, Jordan had crushed about 95% of our grapes. The decision to harvest the remaining Cabernet Sauvignon from our growers is […]

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Experience the Jordan garden with harvest lunch this fall
Eat & Drink / Photo Essays / What's New / September 10, 2014

September is my favorite time of the year in the Jordan Estate garden. From heirloom tomatoes, chili peppers and Japanese eggplants to Kadota figs, Zebra squash and Charentais melons, practically every plant is covered with […]

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When to pick grapes: grape sampling, sugar testing and trusting our palates
Behind the Scenes / September 26, 2013

Within view but often unnoticed beyond the grapes gliding across Jordan’s sorting table, the information needed to make one of the most important decisions in winemaking is materializing. That is, of course, the decision of […]

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Video report: harvest 2013 is underway at Jordan Winery
Behind the Scenes / What's New / September 12, 2013

Harvest 2013 kicked off at Jordan on Friday, September 6, and we’re already half-way finished picking all of our Russian River Valley Chardonnay grapes. It’s shaping up to be a very quick, exciting harvest. The […]

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Harvest 2012 begins with Russian River Valley Chardonnay grapes
Behind the Scenes / What's New / September 18, 2012

The first grapes of the 2012 vintage glided down our sorting table this morning at 5 a.m. For the last week, we’ve humored the idea of Alexander Valley Merlot being harvested before Russian River Chardonnay this year because their sugar levels […]

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Garden Fig Salad Recipe with Greens, Corn and Haricots Verts
Eat & Drink / September 23, 2011

In the Jordan kitchen, we always welcome the fall harvest season with our first basket of mission and kadota figs from the estate garden. One of our most-popular harvest lunch staples, Jordan’s Garden Fig Salad with […]

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Montage video: a year in wine country with Jordan Vineyard & Winery
Behind the Scenes / April 9, 2011

It’s amazing to think that more than one year has past since we debuted this video blog. On behalf of everyone at Jordan, thank you for watching our videos, reading our blog posts and joining us […]

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How to Blend Olive Oil: the Making of 2009 Jordan Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Behind the Scenes / February 26, 2010

Like winemaking, a critical step in crafting extra virgin olive oil is creating the master blend. One week after our EVOO is racked, we re-taste each barrel drum of Arbequina, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino oil in preparation […]

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How to grow, harvest and cook white asparagus
Behind the Scenes / Eat & Drink / February 8, 2010

Ever wondered what the difference is between white and green asparagus? It’s not hard to grow white asparagus, but it does take a lot of dedication. On January 15, our white asparagus season arrived two […]

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Chef Todd’s sorbet tip: the Marcona kick stand
Behind the Scenes / Eat & Drink / February 2, 2010

When conceiving ideas for menus, we work backward: We start in the garden and at the store, taking inspiration from the seasonal fruits and vegetables available. The citrus season is at its peak, so beautiful, […]

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