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Photo Gallery of the Month: Summer Vineyards Fruit Set
Behind the Scenes / Photo Essays / What's New / June 21, 2016

This month, the grapevine berries have formed and are beginning to grow. This critical time in the development of the vine is called fruit set. As discussed in our recent spring flowering blog post, May weather was […]

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Seasons of the Vineyard Video: Spring
Behind the Scenes / April 6, 2015

It’s springtime in Sonoma County, and the vines have awoken from their winter sleep. This video offers an in-depth look at the lifecycle of a grapevine as the plant transitions from dormancy to bud break–the official […]

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Photo Gallery of the Month: Winter Grapevine Pruning
Behind the Scenes / What's New / January 31, 2015

Winter pruning is nearly complete in our vineyards. Pruning grapevines is the longest and most laborious task winegrowers endure each year, typically from December through February. This year, we’re already seeing sap ooze from the […]

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Bud break arrives with force: what this means for the 2014 harvest
Behind the Scenes / March 28, 2014

Our vineyards slept through the driest winter on record in Sonoma County in 120 years, and after some welcomed rains in February, they’ve awoken from their dormancy with force. Bud break began about one week […]

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Watch Jordan grapevines grow (time-lapse video of bud break to veraison)
Behind the Scenes / August 27, 2013

Last spring, we announced our latest time-lapse video experiment: capturing a grapevine’s entire life cycle on camera, from bud break in March all the way through leaves falling in December. Our first video showed the […]

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2013 Vintage Summer Grape Growing Season | Sonoma County
Behind the Scenes / August 14, 2013

In my last blog post, I expressed skepticism about the “free ride” Mother Nature had provided this year with the early, but perfect, budbreak, flowering and fruit set. As it turns out, foolish were those […]

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Watch our grapevines grow (bud break time-lapse video)
Behind the Scenes / May 9, 2013

For a few years, we’ve experimented with time-lapse video around Jordan Estate. The time-lapse shooting process required daily attention–a Canon 5D camera had to be set-up each morning and removed at night to protect it […]

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2013 Spring Grape Growing Vintage Report Video | Bud Break
Behind the Scenes / April 9, 2013

There is no mistaking it now—springtime is here at Jordan! As expected, although earlier than normal due to the unseasonably dry conditions and warm temperatures, our Russian River Chardonnay vines boldly led the way out […]

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Grapevine pruning: the hard work of winter in wine country
Behind the Scenes / March 20, 2013

Winter. It’s the season for rejuvenation, not just for people but for plants as well. In wine country, winter is the time when vineyards sleep and recharge, waiting for the long, cold nights to get shorter […]

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Video: Cool Weather, Grape Veraison and Thinning Fruit Before Harvest
Behind the Scenes / August 24, 2010

In last week’s video on leaf pulling, we mentioned that summer temperatures in Northern Sonoma County have been 10-20 degrees below normal. Veraison, when the green grapes change color and increase their sugar levels, started […]

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Vineyard budbreak video: a look inside the start of the 2010 growing season
Behind the Scenes / April 19, 2010

The 2010 growing season officially began in late March when our Merlot vineyard blocks on the Estate experienced budbreak. Protecting these newborn plants from morning frost keeps our vineyard team on alert through mid-May. The […]

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