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2014 olive harvest begins in Sonoma County
Behind the Scenes / Photo Essays / What's New / October 31, 2014

Fire up the mill–olive harvest has begun. The 2014 olive harvest officially kicked off at Jordan on Monday, October 27, which is about three weeks early for Sonoma County extra virgin olive oil makers. Cue […]

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2013 olive harvest begins at Jordan Estate today
Behind the Scenes / What's New / October 24, 2013

Jordan’s 2013 olive harvest kicked off this morning with a small orchard of Arbequina trees near our Merlot vineyard. The fog was thick and the air chilly enough for the pickers to see their breath, […]

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Jordan Winery releases 2012 Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Eat & Drink / What's New / September 24, 2013

Jordan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now served lakeside at Seven Oaks during the new Estate Tour & Tasting. With the launch of our new Estate Tour & Tasting this month, Jordan Extra Virgin Olive […]

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2012 olive harvest vintage report video
Behind the Scenes / What's New / November 15, 2012

Experience the 2012 olive harvest with our vintage report video. Harvesting commenced at Jordan the morning of November 13 with Spanish Arbequina olives, and we’re thrilled with the quality and quantity of the fruit. Our 2012 Jordan Estate Extra […]

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New Release Video: 2010 Jordan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Eat & Drink / What's New / May 20, 2011

The cool growing season in 2010 allowed us to produce what I believe is our best vintage of olive oil to date. In this 2010 Jordan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting note video, I discuss the weather, […]

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Video: watch the 2010 California olive harvest in action
Behind the Scenes / What's New / January 13, 2011

Nearly 18 acres of olive trees are planted on the Jordan estate. All four varieties of olives (Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino of Italian origin and the Spanish Arbequina) are blended to create our vintage-dated extra […]

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Our hands from tree to bottle: 2009 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Eat & Drink / What's New / May 4, 2010

Our 2009 Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil released on Saturday, May 1, in conjunction with our Spring at Jordan event. This vintage has special significance to me because it shows our stylistic progression to a […]

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EVOO recipe contest winner announced
What's New / April 21, 2010

Thanks to all who entered our first recipe contest, inspired by the May 1 release of our 2009 Jordan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And the winning recipe our judges selected is … Due to availability […]

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Pruning olive trees and reusing cuttings
Behind the Scenes / March 31, 2010

After the vineyard team finishes pruning grapevines each March, we move onto pruning 18 acres of olive trees planted on hillsides near Jordan’s two lakes. It takes just one minute to prune a grapevine, but an olive […]

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Online contest #1: a recipe inspired by Jordan Extra Virgin Olive Oil
What's New / March 5, 2010

To celebrate the release of our 2009 Jordan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we’re pleased to announce our first online contest—a recipe challenge—conceived to inspire fellow epicures. If you have, or wish to create, an inventive recipe in which Extra Virgin Olive […]

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How to Blend Olive Oil: the Making of 2009 Jordan Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Behind the Scenes / February 26, 2010

Like winemaking, a critical step in crafting extra virgin olive oil is creating the master blend. One week after our EVOO is racked, we re-taste each barrel drum of Arbequina, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino oil in preparation […]

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2009 vintage Jordan olive harvest report
Behind the Scenes / January 8, 2010

Our estate olives were harvested in November and in early December 2009. We recorded a quick video, which includes an olive harvest report and scenes from the last day of harvest in December. Small bins […]

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