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Chef Knoll’s Hawaiian Tiradito recipe featured by Wine Enthusiast
Eat & Drink / June 27, 2011

Executive Chef Todd Knoll’s new Hawaiian Tiradito recipe is featured this month on Wine Enthusiast‘s website. This light, refreshing recipe is an homage to Chef Knoll’s childhood memories of Hawaii, melding both Polynesian and Chinese cuisine. Tiradito is a soft […]

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A light, healthy recipe to celebrate spring: fava, tree blossom salad
Eat & Drink / March 27, 2011

The harbinger of spring on the Jordan Estate is the blossoming of our fruit trees. Our apple tree and fava bean blossoms inspired this light, healthy salad recipe to celebrate the new season. If you don’t have access to […]

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Looking for a New Year’s Eve appetizer recipe? Try our Miso Crab
Eat & Drink / December 23, 2010

Our chef’s latest appetizer recipe, Dungeness Crab in Miso Vinaigrette with Micro Shiso, makes an ideal passed hors d’oeuvre for New Year’s Eve parties and cocktail receptions. Each umami-rich spoonful celebrates this season’s fresh catch and pairs […]

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Roasted cauliflower recipe with American caviar
Eat & Drink / November 15, 2010

If you’re looking for a festive way to dress up a vegetable side dish on your Thanksgiving table, Executive Chef Todd Knoll suggests Pan-Roasted Cauliflower and American Caviar. Florets of pan-roasted cauliflower serve as an unexpected backdrop for […]

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Chef Fall Recipe: Maine Lobster with Chanterelles, Fingerling Potatoes and Yuzu
Eat & Drink / September 28, 2010

With the arrival of every new season, our chef creates signature wine country recipes inspired by our garden and other seasonal ingredients. Two fall recipes, including Maine Lobster with Chanterelles, Fingerling Potatoes and Yuzu, were posted […]

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EVOO recipe contest winner announced
What's New / April 21, 2010

Thanks to all who entered our first recipe contest, inspired by the May 1 release of our 2009 Jordan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And the winning recipe our judges selected is … Due to availability […]

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Online contest #1: a recipe inspired by Jordan Extra Virgin Olive Oil
What's New / March 5, 2010

To celebrate the release of our 2009 Jordan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we’re pleased to announce our first online contest—a recipe challenge—conceived to inspire fellow epicures. If you have, or wish to create, an inventive recipe in which Extra Virgin Olive […]

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A Valentine’s Day Duck Confit recipe video
Eat & Drink / February 5, 2010

Last week, I interviewed with Tom Simoneau from our local news talk radio station, KSRO, for his Wine Minutes segment in honor of Valentine’s Day. Here’s a quick video discussing the Duck Confit recipe recommended […]

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Chef Todd’s sorbet tip: the Marcona kick stand
Behind the Scenes / Eat & Drink / February 2, 2010

When conceiving ideas for menus, we work backward: We start in the garden and at the store, taking inspiration from the seasonal fruits and vegetables available. The citrus season is at its peak, so beautiful, […]

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White asparagus arrives two months early
Behind the Scenes / Eat & Drink / January 15, 2010

In the Jordan estate garden, we focus on growing heirloom varieties and other fruits and vegetables that demand meticulous care. Our white asparagus arrived two months early this year (see winter garden post), so Sous Chef […]

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