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Watch Jordan grapevines grow (time-lapse video of bud break to veraison)
Behind the Scenes / August 27, 2013

Last spring, we announced our latest time-lapse video experiment: capturing a grapevine’s entire life cycle on camera, from bud break in March all the way through leaves falling in December. Our first video showed the […]

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Watch our grapevines grow (bud break time-lapse video)
Behind the Scenes / May 9, 2013

For a few years, we’ve experimented with time-lapse video around Jordan Estate. The time-lapse shooting process required daily attention–a Canon 5D camera had to be set-up each morning and removed at night to protect it […]

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Time-lapse video: winery chateau from fall to winter
Behind the Scenes / January 4, 2012

When winter officially arrived on December 22, the winery was already closed for the holidays. We’re now back to work–plowing through hundreds of emails, pruning the vineyards, tasting young wines in barrel. To welcome the […]

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Time-Lapse Video: Cabernet Sauvignon Grape Veraison
Behind the Scenes / September 3, 2011

Veraison, the onset of ripening, finally began in our estate Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in mid-August. We decided to make a time-lapse video so you could see how long the grapes took to change from green […]

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