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Grape Veraison: Vineyard Grapes Changing Color
Behind the Scenes / Photo Essays / August 3, 2017

This gallery of vineyard photographs shows veraison of wine grapes in progress. The definition of veraison is the onset of ripening. This French word is used throughout the world’s vineyards to describe the color change […]

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Photo Gallery of the Month: Veraison of Cabernet Grapes | 2016 Alexander Valley Vintage Report
Behind the Scenes / Photo Essays / What's New / July 25, 2016

July is always a colorful time in the vineyards. Red wine grapes begin their transition from hard, bitter and green to soft, ripe and purple–known as veraison. By the end of this week, we expect Cabernet Sauvignon, […]

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Photo Gallery of the Month: Grape Veraison
Behind the Scenes / What's New / July 31, 2015

Veraison is underway in the vineyards throughout Alexander Valley. This month’s photo gallery captures the alluring colors of red wine grapes as they change from green to purple. Some earlier-ripening Cabernet Sauvignon sites began to […]

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Watch Jordan grapevines grow (time-lapse video of bud break to veraison)
Behind the Scenes / August 27, 2013

Last spring, we announced our latest time-lapse video experiment: capturing a grapevine’s entire life cycle on camera, from bud break in March all the way through leaves falling in December. Our first video showed the […]

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2013 Vintage Summer Grape Growing Season | Sonoma County
Behind the Scenes / August 14, 2013

In my last blog post, I expressed skepticism about the “free ride” Mother Nature had provided this year with the early, but perfect, budbreak, flowering and fruit set. As it turns out, foolish were those […]

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Grape veraison: what a difference a year makes
Behind the Scenes / August 7, 2012

Veraison is underway in our vineyards, and what a difference a year makes. The onset of ripening, veraison is the time in a grapevine’s annual lifecycle when the red grapes change from green to purple […]

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Time-Lapse Video: Cabernet Sauvignon Grape Veraison
Behind the Scenes / September 3, 2011

Veraison, the onset of ripening, finally began in our estate Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in mid-August. We decided to make a time-lapse video so you could see how long the grapes took to change from green […]

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Montage video: a year in wine country with Jordan Vineyard & Winery
Behind the Scenes / April 9, 2011

It’s amazing to think that more than one year has past since we debuted this video blog. On behalf of everyone at Jordan, thank you for watching our videos, reading our blog posts and joining us […]

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Video: Cool Weather, Grape Veraison and Thinning Fruit Before Harvest
Behind the Scenes / August 24, 2010

In last week’s video on leaf pulling, we mentioned that summer temperatures in Northern Sonoma County have been 10-20 degrees below normal. Veraison, when the green grapes change color and increase their sugar levels, started […]

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