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Petit Verdot thinning experiment to elevate quality
Behind the Scenes / July 25, 2012

We constantly experiment in the vineyards, always seeking ways to improve fruit quality and uniformity of the grape clusters–which ultimately leads to a higher quality wine. Trying to push the bar even higher with Jordan […]

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Vine grafting: Cabernet, Merlot vineyards become Petit Verdot, Malbec
Behind the Scenes / July 7, 2011

Ever wondered how grapevines are grafted and what the process entails? In May, we embarked on our first grapevine grafting project since completion of the Jordan Estate soil mapping study. Grafting allows us to change the grape […]

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Soil mapping video: precision farming with resistivity technology
Behind the Scenes / October 15, 2010

We’ve nearly completed a comprehensive soil mapping study of every Jordan estate vineyard block. What does that mean? We’re rediscovering our dirt to continue elevating grape quality. When I started working at Jordan in 2008, I […]

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Winemaking video: using wind machines after rain
Behind the Scenes / September 20, 2010

Weather forecasters reported that a storm would roll through Sonoma County wine country last weekend. Needless to say, we were concerned — but we were also prepared. Working in vineyards where nature and nurture go hand in hand […]

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Aerial video: Farming vineyards from an airplane
Behind the Scenes / September 1, 2010

As part of our quest to continuously improve wine quality, we embarked on a soil mapping study of our estate vineyards in 2009. That summer, John Jordan began taking Assistant Winemaker Ronald Du Preez and […]

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Video: Cool Weather, Grape Veraison and Thinning Fruit Before Harvest
Behind the Scenes / August 24, 2010

In last week’s video on leaf pulling, we mentioned that summer temperatures in Northern Sonoma County have been 10-20 degrees below normal. Veraison, when the green grapes change color and increase their sugar levels, started […]

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Leaf pulling video: preparing grapevines for ripening
Behind the Scenes / August 10, 2010

After the grapes bloom and tiny berries form into full grape clusters, it’s time for the important practice of leaf pulling, captured in the above video. Our vineyard team pulls leaves away from the area […]

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Winery composting video + DIY tips for how to compost at home
Behind the Scenes / July 26, 2010

Composting is an integral part of our farming practices as a sustainable winery. We began applying compost to our estate vineyards in 2004 and making our own compost pile on the property the following year […]

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Grapevine flowering video: how spring weather has influenced bloom and fruit set
Behind the Scenes / July 1, 2010

Wet, warm spring weather throughout April and May delayed flowering, or bloom, in our vineyards by two weeks. (While rainfall during spring was unseasonably high, overall rainfall levels for the year were ample and welcomed […]

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How to video: shoot thinning and suckering grapevines
Behind the Scenes / June 10, 2010

Watch the suckering process in this video to learn why shoot thinning is so important to making quality wine. The three most important vineyard management steps in the annual lifecycle of a grapevine are pruning […]

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Farming video: choosing vineyard cover crops
Behind the Scenes / May 20, 2010

One of the key parts of sustainable farming is growing cover crops. Cover crops promote beneficial insect flight within the vineyards in early spring, allow us to incorporate high biomass organic material naturally back into […]

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Vineyard budbreak video: a look inside the start of the 2010 growing season
Behind the Scenes / April 19, 2010

The 2010 growing season officially began in late March when our Merlot vineyard blocks on the Estate experienced budbreak. Protecting these newborn plants from morning frost keeps our vineyard team on alert through mid-May. The […]

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