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Three Winter Soup Recipes that Pair with Cabernet Sauvignon
Eat & Drink / Featured / February 20, 2017

During winter or on any rainy day, nothing warms the soul more than a savory soup. But which soups pair best with cabernet sauvignon, the king of red wines? Traditionally, soup is considered difficult to pair […]

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Three Winter Recipes To Make You Fall In Love with Beets All Over Again
Eat & Drink / Featured / What's New / January 26, 2017

Beets. Most people have an impassioned love or hate relationship with these buried treasures. President Obama and his wife went so far as to ask that no beets be planted in the White House’s garden. […]

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Sonoma County Flooding: How Floods Have Impacted Vineyard Pruning This Winter
Behind the Scenes / Featured / Photo Essays / What's New / January 16, 2017

After a week-long wave of storms that dropped up to 20 inches of rain and 12 feet of snow, Northern California’s drought is officially over. According to the federal government’s U.S. Drought Monitor, January’s atmospheric […]

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2016 Vintage Winter Weather Report from Jordan Vineyards
Behind the Scenes / What's New / March 11, 2016

Mother Nature has been good to us so far in 2016, delivering more than 21 inches of rain to date and an additional 4-plus inches are predicted by the end of this week. Currently, the 21 […]

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A new twist to inspecting French oak barrels this winter
Behind the Scenes / Featured / What's New / December 18, 2015

A rhythmic sound echoes through the winery every winter before the holiday break: new French oak barrels being rolled into the cellar. After a long Transatlantic voyage that continued through the Panama Canal and up […]

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2015 Winter Weather Report: Here Comes the Rain
Behind the Scenes / What's New / February 12, 2015

From super soaker storms in December to a record rainfall of literally zero in January, vintage 2015 is already keeping us on our toes–and budbreak is still at least a month away (hopefully). Watch my […]

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Photo Gallery of the Month: Winter Grapevine Pruning
Behind the Scenes / What's New / January 31, 2015

Winter pruning is nearly complete in our vineyards. Pruning grapevines is the longest and most laborious task winegrowers endure each year, typically from December through February. This year, we’re already seeing sap ooze from the […]

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Inside look at the 2014 drought in Sonoma County wine country
Behind the Scenes / February 13, 2014

Brian Brett, a poet and farmer, once said, “Farming is a profession of hope.” For farmers who aren’t in control of their water sources, hope might be the only option in this recording-shattering drought year. […]

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Grapevine pruning: the hard work of winter in wine country
Behind the Scenes / March 20, 2013

Winter. It’s the season for rejuvenation, not just for people but for plants as well. In wine country, winter is the time when vineyards sleep and recharge, waiting for the long, cold nights to get shorter […]

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The fall transformation of our vineyards and winery …
Behind the Scenes / December 10, 2012

November was a month of transformation at Jordan, both inside and out. In the vineyards, carbohydrates continue the slow journey down into the roots in preparation for dormancy. Unwilling to give up their fight to continue […]

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Recipe: Roasted Leg of Lamb with Sumac Rub
Eat & Drink / March 12, 2012

Inspired by my wife’s Greek family heritage, this Roasted Leg of Lamb recipe makes for a fun, festive main course at a winter dinner party, with its warm spices and rich flavors. The sumac dry rub–product […]

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Time-lapse video: winery chateau from fall to winter
Behind the Scenes / January 4, 2012

When winter officially arrived on December 22, the winery was already closed for the holidays. We’re now back to work–plowing through hundreds of emails, pruning the vineyards, tasting young wines in barrel. To welcome the […]

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