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Tallowing Oak Cask Doors in Winemaking | Wine Education Videos

Each December, we create the barrel blend of the newborn vintage of Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon before the wine is moved to oak barrels for aging. Our cellar team still practices the old-world tradition of tallowing the doors of our oak casks to properly seal them. (Today, we use wax rather than animal fat, but the technique is still the same.)  The 2009 Jordan Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, pictured in this wine education video of tallowing, will reside for three months in our 6,000-gallon oak casks (originally constructed in 1976), before moving to French (two-thirds) and American (one-third) oak barrels for an additional 12 months of aging.

Marcos Luna

Hay posibilidad de trabajar con esta empresa

Lisa Mattson

Hi Marco, if you are approved to work in the United States, you can always send a resume and cover letter to


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Patrick joined Jordan as cellar master in August 2008. He previously worked in the Sonoma Valley and Oregon's Rogue Valley.

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