Pamela Mendoza

It will be our first visit and we look forward to attending one of the behind the scenes access

Mary and Dale

We are saying prayers for the Jordon Winery family and all those in the Alexander Valley affected by the fires


Best wishes to all of you ,stay safe.

Richard Hickey

Congratulations to Jordan Winery for it’s continued move as a Leader in the Fine Wine World !!!
Dick and Sue Hickey

Carlos Arevalo

Jordan #1 after the Opus 1 Jordan is my fever wine 1996

Christoph Florentino

I will try not to Maunder but Anyone, that appreciates and enjoys an absolutely perfect bottle of Cabernet, will discover how simply & easily Jordan ‘HITS’ each target with style and excellence! I can only grok what it feels like to be a sampler of these delicious ‘old & new friend’ bottles of wine. Any vintage is ‘A Good Year’ when me and my friends are doing our thing with a glass of JC in our hand! Even my ‘Muggle’ friends can taste the excellence that ends up in their hand(s)….
Thanks everyone at Jordan Winery. There is definitely no quiet Susurrus goin on here! Jordan Cabernet is just 1 of those ‘friends’ that can drop by anytime….


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