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Seasons Time Lapse Video: Winery Chateau Fall Foliage Transformation

Every November, we have to say goodbye to the beautiful Boston ivy leaves that cover the Jordan Winery chateau in Healdsburg, California. The fall foliage transformation of the winery from vibrant green leaves to orange, red and yellow is a magnificent sight that we wanted to share with this seasons time lapse video. This video shows the seasonal changes of the winery facade from summer and fall into winter in 2012.

We captured the footage with a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera and a Canon TC-80N3 timer. Still photos were taken once a day at first, then once every hour as the leaves began to rapidly change color. You’ll notice a little camera movement because we mounted the tripod fluid head to a wood platform on one of our sycamore trees, and the head moved slightly when we attached and removed the camera every morning and night. We couldn’t risk leaving our camera outside overnight to brave the elements.

After receiving so many comments about our first seasons time lapse video, we moved the camera to another side of the winery chateau in 2013 and captured the fall foliage via time lapse again.


Time-lapse video: Jordan winery chateau; fall, winter seasons

[…] watching our 2011 chateau time-lapse video, several fans asked if we could make another one, so we opted for a new location this year. We […]


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