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Video: Celebrating 40 Years of Cabernet Sauvignon at Jordan

In the summer of 1976, Tom and Sally Jordan were frantically trying to finish the winemaking section of the chateau before bringing in the first harvest of Jordan Winery. It’s amazing to think we’ve been making Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon for forty years. That’s 14,600 days. And the fact that Winemaker Rob Davis joined us as an intern in 1976 and still guides our top California wines today is remarkable. Forty years, one winemaker. Both milestones are reason to celebrate.

In honor of 40 years of winemaking, this video provides an inside look at the making of Jordan wines, from grapevine to bottle. Join us in a toast to staying at the top of our game for another four decades.

Jordan Winery chateau construction, 1975-1976
Construction of the Jordan Winery chateau, circa 1975-1976.
Jordan Winery Chateau Under Construction Circa 1976
Jordan Winery chateau nears completion in 1976.
Jordan Vineyard and Winery Chateau in Healdsburg
The Jordan Winery chateau, circa 2005.

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Lisa Mattson

Videographer, photographer, writer and publicist. Find me on weekends trying to capture footage of the elusive Jordan Estate jack rabbits and turkeys.

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