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Viewers’ Choice Video Contest: you choose next month’s video topics

The first-ever Jordan Winery Viewers’ Choice Video Contest begins now.

For more than a year, we’ve created videos that focus on myriad topics we thought our friends and fellow wine lovers would find interesting and useful. This month, we want to hear your ideas. What video topics would you like to see highlighted in next month’s video blog posts? We’ll select a minimum of four viewers’ choice ideas and premiere those videos throughout June. From today through May 27, post your ideas as a comment on this blog or on our Facebook page. Topics can also be emailed to blog@jordanwinery.com. Each viewer will be recognized for their creative contributions to the video, so they’ll be some fun bragging rights to be had with your wine-loving friends.

Thank you again for watching, and we look forward to hearing your video topic ideas.


What a cool idea you have. One idea is to show the behind the scenes preparation of events like your Spring at Jordan where food and wine are enjoyed. From food prep and pairing to exhibit decisions and set up. Folks arrive and see the beauty but do they really know all the behind the scenes work it takes to make the event enjoyable.


Thanks. Great topic. We will add it to the list of proposals.


Please do a video on wine and food pairing with an emphasis on local foods pair best with local wines. Here is the catch, the foods must come from Jordan’s property. Veggies from the garden,fruits from the orchard, olives, olive oils, meats from local game killed on the property such as rabbit, turkey, deer, etc. Do you grow your own wheat for bread? I heard AVV down the road from you has begun growing wheat on their property.

Family Foodie

The best girls trip I have taken is to Sonoma! You should feature a video blog about a group of Mom’s visiting Jordan Winery, learning about the wines, cooking with wine and pairing the meal!

Ward Kadel - @drXeNo

What a great idea…not surprised that it was you guys that came up with it. 😉 

I’d like to hear about how this late wet weather might affect the vintage, good or bad. 
Additionally, it would great to hear more about, say “Jordan Approved ™,” restaurants, lodging, etc in the Alexander Valley and surrounding regions. Cheers!


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