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Who Drank the Most Cabernet and Chardonnay in 2018? A Jordan Winery Chart of U.S. Wine Consumption

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Map: Who Drank the Most by State 2018

In what has become an annual tradition, we compiled a report of U.S. wine consumption for Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay in 2018. How did your home state do? Did you move up or down in the rankings compared to 2016 and 2017? For the first time since we began this end-of-year summary, some big shifts occurred in the top rankings for Cabernet. Let’s just say it’s time for Texans to pop a few more corks in 2019. Chardonnay did not see too much of a change at the top of the rankings from previous years, but Oklahoma posted the biggest gains. Observations on which states had the most significant changes are included in each ranking list, so be sure to see if your home state made a big move.

Figures included are based on total cases sold January 1-November 30, 2018 (December numbers won’t be available until mid-January). Thank you for drinking Jordan and making it a great year. Raising a glass to 2019!

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Map: Who Drank the Most by State 2018

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon U.S. Wine Consumption by State 2018

Observations on changes from 2017 to 2018: New York ousted Texas for the number 2 ranking! Virginia jumped seven spots, Massachusetts and Nevada traded places in the top 10 and Nebraska moved up four spots on the list. Arizona also inched up two spots, while Hawaii and Wisconsin moved down four spots.

  1. California

  2. New York

  3. Texas

  4. New Jersey

  5. Florida

  6. Illinois

  7. Nevada

  8. Massachusetts

  9. Colorado

  10. Georgia

  11. Arizona

  12. Connecticut

  13. Virginia

  14. North Carolina

  15. Ohio

  16. Louisiana

  17. Missouri

  18. Tennessee

  19. Hawaii

  20. Michigan

  21. Minnesota

  22. South Carolina

  23. District of Columbia

  24. Oregon

  25. Indiana

  26. Pennsylvania

  27. Utah

  28. Maryland

  29. Arkansas

  30. Wisconsin

  31. Washington

  32. Alabama

  33. Rhode Island

  34. Mississippi

  35. Kansas

  36. Wyoming

  37. Kentucky

  38. Idaho

  39. New Mexico

  40. Oklahoma

  41. Nebraska

  42. Montana

  43. North Dakota

  44. Iowa

  45. Delaware

  46. West Virginia

  47. Alaska

  48. New Hampshire

  49. Maine

  50. Vermont

  51. South Dakota

Jordan Chardonnay Map: Who Drank the Most by State 2018

Jordan Chardonnay U.S. Wine Consumption by State 2018

Observations on changes from 2017 to 2018: Oklahoma was the bigger winner, jumping seven spots, but both Connecticut and Alabama gained an impressive five, and Washington state climbed four spots. Nevada and Illinois traded spots in the top 10. Chardonnay lovers in New Hampshire and Nebraska need to start drinking–your states both slipped four spots in the ranking.

  1. California

  2. Texas

  3. Florida

  4. New York

  5. New Jersey

  6. Massachusetts

  7. Nevada

  8. Colorado

  9. Illinois

  10. Georgia

  11. Arizona

  12. Connecticut

  13. Louisiana

  14. Hawaii

  15. Virginia

  16. North Carolina

  17. Missouri

  18. Minnesota

  19. Michigan

  20. South Carolina

  21. District of Columbia

  22. Alabama

  23. Ohio

  24. Washington

  25. Rhode Island

  26. Tennessee

  27. Oregon

  28. Utah

  29. Oklahoma

  30. Maryland

  31. Indiana

  32. Arkansas

  33. Mississippi

  34. New Mexico

  35. Wisconsin

  36. Pennsylvania

  37. Kentucky

  38. Wyoming

  39. Kansas

  40. Delaware

  41. Iowa

  42. Idaho

  43. Montana

  44. New Hampshire

  45. Nebraska

  46. Maine

  47. Alaska

  48. South Dakota

  49. North Dakota

  50. Vermont

  51. West Virginia

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