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Winter in the Vineyards: How to Prune Grapevines Video with Double-Pruning Technique

Ever wondered how to prune a grapevine? While grapevines are dormant during winter, they still require a great deal of care. Pruning is the first step in nurturing these plants for the following season, and this critical work is completed during January and February (and even in December for some vineyards). Our Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot vines are cordon trained, and we leave only a two-bud spur per vine to grow grapes for the following season. Two buds allows for two shoots to grow per vine in spring, keeping our vines in balance. This technique dramatically reduces the number of grape clusters per vine, concentrating the fruit flavors our winemakers desire.

In this how to prune grapevines video, we discuss our approach to double-pruning the Jordan estate vines each season for increased efficiency and vine health. Learn more about what happens to the grapevines while they are enjoying their winter sleep.

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Clyde Waite

Awesome! Lot of time and effort in these articles, thank you!

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