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Grapevine Plant Growing Time Lapse Video (Bud Break to Veraison)

Jordan has been making wine since the 1970s, so watching the transformative annual lifecycle of the grapevine growing is something we sometimes take for granted. It’s incredible how these plants go dormant during winter and then spring back to life each March. We decided to capture the grapevine’s most prolific growth cycle with this plant growing time lapse video, showing vineyard bud break in March through spring flowering, fruit set and summer veraison.

Check out the most recent footage downloaded from this outdoor HD camera. You can watch the Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon grapevines grow–over the course of five months–in less than two minutes. The transformation during veraison, as captured in our other time lapse video, when the grapes change color and begin ripening, is pretty cool to watch. We’ve also captured the entire lifecycle of a grapevine over the course of one year through Instagram photos.

To learn more about the 2013 vintage grapes in this plant growing time lapse video, check out our 2013 vintage report blog post.

zelda sydney

Brilliant! Really enjoyed that. Thanks for whatever it took to get it.

Zelda Sydney, WSET Diploma student (and wine illustrator)

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